Max Scherzer

April 03, 2006
April 03, 2006

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April 3, 2006

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Max Scherzer

He can throw afastball 99 mph, but Scherzer, Missouri's 21-year-old ace, says, "Peoplealways remember me because of my eyes."

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The eyes of thisTiger are striking--the left is brown and the right is blue, a condition knownas heterochromia--but his right arm has proved to be much more valuable. Comingoff a sophomore season in which he struck out 131 in 106 1/3 innings, the6'2", 210-pound Scherzer could be the No. 1 pick in a June draft that'sexpected to be dominated by college pitchers. Says Deric Ladnier, seniordirector of scouting for the Royals, who have the top pick, "He's obviouslya guy we will take a long look at."