WHO: PhilMickelson

WHAT: Sliceddrive that bounced off a hospitality tent

WHERE: 450-yardpar-4 18th hole at Winged Foot Golf Club

WHEN: Final roundof the U.S. Open

Hitting driver at 18 and then trying a miracle recovery shot reveal the twothings that Mickelson must learn to complete his major package: He has toadjust his game plan when his mind is going haywire from the pressure, and heneeds to make his driver swing more stable and compact, like his iron swing.With the driver he still goes back too far and gets out of sync, with his kneessliding toward the target and his spine leaning away from it.

Big Drive? Don't Move the Boxes

To drive wellunder pressure, make a more compact swing. Also, be sure the lower body rotateswithout sliding and that it finishes stacked below the upper body. To practice,hit drives with a thigh-high object next to your lead leg. (I like to use astack of boxes.) Your lead leg should barely touch the boxes, moving them onlyan inch or so.

Patti McGowanteaches at Lake Nona Golf & Country Club in Orlando.


"The U.S.Ryder Cup team is in trouble. The Euros had 11 of the top 26 at Winged Foot andsome of them weren't even their first-stringers."

TOP 100

Will PhilMickelson contend at the British Open?

Yes 83%

No 17%

"Mickelson isthe best player in the world when he makes good decisions."



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