The Questions with Dan Uggla

July 24, 2006
July 24, 2006

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July 24, 2006

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The Questions with Dan Uggla

Marlins Second Baseman

What was yourwelcome-to-the-big-leagues moment?
The last exhibition game [this year]. We played the Rangers in Arlington. Iwalked from the clubhouse through the dugout and to the field. I looked up ateverything, and I was like, Wow.

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Your mostembarrassing moment?
When I threw one through [first baseman Mike] Jacobs's legs and two runsscored. The runner was going to be safe even if I made a good throw. [Thecoaches] said, "Know when there's a play, and when there's not."

Favorite off-dayactivity?
Hanging out with my [infant], Jackson. It's awesome. He mainly sleeps andeats.

One thing aboutbeing a ballplayer the public doesn't know about?
I watch a lot of TV. A lot of TV. I watch MTV, VH1, the E! Channel. All thosecheesy shows.

If I weren'tplaying ball, I'd be ...
bartending at a restaurant or club.


After returningfrom the All-Star Game, Uggla, batting .302 with 51 RBIs, helped Florida go 2-2against Houston.


The Marlins hostthe Pirates, against whom Uggla went 5 for 11 in May.