What was yourwelcome to the big leagues moment?

My first at bat,with the Indians in 1997. I remember getting a hit and saying, If I never playanother day, I can always say I got a hit in the big leagues. I got to firstand I was so excited, I couldn't even tell you.

Your mostembarrassing moment?

In Colorado I hada real long at bat--foul, foul, foul. The next one was a ball. I thought it wasball four, and I went all the way to first. But it was only ball three. I wentback to home, and the fans were getting all over me. I raised my hands over myhead, and everybody started laughing.

Favorite off-dayactivity?

Movies. I just sawSuperman--that was good. The special effects were great, and he's Superman, youknow?

If I weren'tplaying baseball, I'd be ...

trying to be aprofessional wrestler. I just loved it growing up--my favorite wrestler of alltime is probably Mick Foley.


After homering inhis first game as a Tiger, Casey doubled in two runs to help beat the Indianson Friday.


The Tigers playthe White Sox, against whom Casey, as a Pirate, went 1 for 4 in June.