72 Eli vs.Peyton

The brothers willadd to the Manning family saga when they make NFL history in the Sunday-nightopener

by MichaelSilver


78 Alive andWell

New quarterbacksColt McCoy at Texas and John David Booty at USC opened to rave reviews

by PhilTaylor


82 Got Your Back,Bro

Baseball broughtbrothers Jeff and Jered Weaver closer--too close, in fact, for a team that hadroom for only one

by RichardHoffer


Remember HisName

Even as a boy hefelt a destiny, a need to do the right thing whatever it cost

by Gary Smith



6 Leading Off

12 From theEditor

14 Letters

17 Air andSpace

Beating17-million-to-1 odds, with two long shots by Steve Rushin

20 Scorecard

• A grittygoodbye from Andre

• Clemsonfootball's father figure

• The creativityof gate crashers

33 Faces in theCrowd

34 Players

114 Life ofReilly

One man fills an"urgent" need with $165 million. Go, OSU! by Rick Reilly

Inside ...

106 The NFL

• Quarterbacksget a better grip

• Dr. Z: Bewarethe New York teams


• Hey, USA,bronze isn't so bad

• A comeback keysthe Monarchs

110 Tennis

• Andy Roddick'sideal mentor

• A French teenis on the rise



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PHOTODARREN CARROLL78 COLT COMFORT Longhorns fans felt good about the future after redshirt freshman QB Colt McCoy accounted for four touchdowns last Saturday. PHOTOCOURTESY OF THE TILLMAN FAMILY PHOTOJOHN BIEVER106 ORANGE AID Thanks to colorful--and prolific--receiver Chad Johnson, the Bengals are Dr. Z's pick in a season-opening showdown at Kansas City. PHOTOBILL FRAKES PHOTOCHUCK SOLOMON PHOTOREX BROWN/WIREIMAGE.COM