In Theaters:Gridiron Gang
The Rock gets serious. The action flick vet and WWE star plays a probationofficer who forms a football team at a juvenile detention facility in the dramadirected by Phil Joanou (U2: Rattle and Hum). The film is based on the truestory of the team at California's Camp Kilpatrick--where much of Gang wasfilmed.


Red Sox atYankees
New York has run away from Boston in the AL East race and overtaken the Tigersfor the best record in the AL--and they've done it shorthanded. Imagine howtough they'll be now that Hideki Matsui (below) is expected back this week,four months after breaking his wrist. And if that's not a big enough boost,Gary Sheffield is expected back by the end of the month.
Fox 1 p.m.

Marco AntonioBarrera vs. Rocky Juarez
The two featherweights fought to a draw in May--or at least they thought theydid. After the fighters left the ring, the judges' scorecards were retabulated,and it turned out that Barrera actually won by a split decision. Barrera(62--4) granted Juarez (25--2) a rematch. It should be a good one. Bothfighters are big punchers and big talkers; Barrera, who is putting his WBC belton the line, vowed to "hold [Juarez] by the hand and take him toschool."
PPV 9 p.m.

No. 19 Nebraskaat No. 4 USC
The Cornhuskers talked the talk last week; one player dismissed USC as"letters of the alphabet," while another said he "never heard ofthem." A refresher course: They're the guys who ripped Arkansas 50--14 intheir opener and who haven't lost a home game in five years. Nebraska is off toa good start as well: Zac Taylor has thrown seven TDs in two easy wins.
ABC 8 p.m.


Despite some late-race brake problems in Richmond last Saturday, Dale EarnhardtJr. hung on to his spot in the Chase for the Nextel Cup. That's the good news.The bad? The first race of the 10-week playoff takes place at New HampshireInternational Speedway, where Junior (left) finished last at the LenoxIndustrial Tools 300 in July.
TNT 12:30 p.m.

SI Pick of theWeek

Frown Town

Some Jets caughta glimpse of the NFL equivalent of Sasquatch after they beat the Titans onSunday: Rookie head coach Eric Mangini (left) smiled. (Wideout LaveranuesColes: "That was a first.") The grin will be gone before the Patriotsreach Giants Stadium, where the NFL's youngest coach, a former New Englanddefensive coordinator, faces ex-boss Bill Belichick (right). A permascowl isn'tall Mangini shares with his mentor. In a Belichickian motivational ploy, beforehis debut he showed the Jets last year's dramatic Jose Luis Castillo--DiegoCorrales lightweight title fight.
CBS 4:15 p.m.