On winning jumpballs at just 5'11"

I get my leapingability from having played basketball in high school and college. I was alwaysable to go to the hole every time I wanted to. Being able to adjust to the balland balance, all that came from basketball.

On playingfootball as a kid

Growing up inCleveland, we'd play in the streets. The curb was the sideline. The grass wasout-of-bounds. We'd play a game we called Dynaman--some people call it Kill theMan with the Ball. You'd have to break all these tackles. We'd do it rightafter NFL games, in the snow, in the rain. I never had a chance to play peeweefootball because it was too far to walk, and my mom didn't want me to walk atnight.

On hisnickname

I've hadSpider-Man, and I want to bring that back. I've had Inspector Gadget, like GoGo Gadget arms. Do I like Spider-Man? Well, not the new movies, but the classiccartoon.

On the best partof last year's Pro Bowl

Just going toHawaii. The hospitality, the spas. The Grand Wailea Resort spa is one of thebest in the world--massage, manicure, pedicure, my first facial, I got thewhole thing. A facial is a once-, maybe twice-a-year type thing.

On his wedding inJuly

We got married atmy new house [in Davie, Fla.]. Her name's Christina, same as my sister. We metat Wisconsin and started dating sophomore year. About 100 guests. We went toCosta Rica for the honeymoon.

On role model anduncle, Dan Chambers

He used to tellme that the cream rises to the top. You don't have to brag on yourself; ifyou're good, people will brag for you. I never got into talking on the field. Ijust go out and play, respect the game and try to be a professional.

On mom Linda

She was reallyinto football. She supported me in everything. We grew up in a couple ofplaces--apartments, with my grandma, a two-family house. Me, my mom and myyounger sister, Christina. But I always felt I had everything. When I neededsomething, it was there for me. I bought my mom a house in Euclid, Ohio. She'svery simple. I tried to give her a nice car, but she just wants a Chevy.

On being trickedinto playing high school football

I was more intobasketball. My uncle and the football coach--Ted Ginn, father of [Ohio State's]Ted Ginn Jr.--told me just to go watch football practice. Next thing I know,I'm getting my pads. The next thing I'm playing varsity my freshman year, andthat's all she wrote. --As told to Ben Reiter