Liverpool striker Peter Crouch is known more for his height (6'7") than forhis acrobatic play, but against the Turkish team Galatasaray in a UEFAChampions League match he took flight and scored a spectacular goal atLiverpool's Anfield Stadium.

Calf Roper
Cardinals defensive back David Macklin hangs on to the elusive Michael Vickduring the Falcons' 32--10 victory at the Georgia Dome on Sunday. Vick (inset)completed 13 of 22 passes for 153 yards and fared just as well running theball—11 carries for 101 yards, including a 34-yard romp.

Byron Nelson1912--2006
"Lord Byron" (in 1936, left, and 2001) won 11 straight tournaments, 18total, in 1945.

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