What was yourwelcome-to-the-NFL moment?

My first preseason game, with the Jets, the O-line coach yelled at me formessing up. I was like, Wow. They don't do that in college--at Penn Stateeverything's warm and fuzzy.

Mostembarrassing moment?

Last year I went the wrong way on an audible and I knocked [Jeremy] Shockeydown. A knockdown block on my teammate. It's an ongoing joke in practicesnow.

Favorite off-dayactivity?

I shoot pool and I watch a lot of cartoons.

If I werecommissioner for a day, I'd...

...shorten the preseason. Maybe three preseason games.

If I weren'tplaying football, I'd...

...probably be in law enforcement. I'm a fast driver, but when someone passesme or does something stupid on the road, I wish I could pull them over. I'd bea highway patrolman, boy.


McKenzie helpedthe Giants rush for 150 yards against the Bears, nearly 60 more than Chicagousually allows.


The Giants visitthe Jaguars on Monday night; McKenzie is 4--2 on Monday-night games in hiscareer.