Q&A Brett Hull

Jan. 08, 2007
Jan. 08, 2007

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Jan. 8, 2007

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Q&A Brett Hull

The never-shy eight-time All-Star debuts as an NHL analyst for NBC on Jan. 13

SI: Did you audition or did NBC just read 20 years of your postgame comments?

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Hull: I didn't audition, so that's what must have happened.

SI: Googling your name and outspoken only produces 15,550 hits. That seems a little low, right?

Hull: Maybe it shows you that some of my outspokenness makes a little sense.

SI: People have said that they expect you to be the Charles Barkley of hockey. Have you ever talked with Barkley?

Hull: I've spoken with Charles a million times. We play golf in the same tournaments, but we have never talked about broadcasting. I grew up being Bobby Hull's son, and I quickly realized I could only be Brett Hull. That's the only way I can be on television. I'm just going to try to do my own thing and still learn from people like Charles.

SI: How much better is the game after the rules changes that cut down on grabbing and holding?

Hull: It's not better, it's not worse, it's just different. But it's a more exciting different. It's still evolving. General managers and coaches are trying to figure out how they can maintain a high skill level but still keep that physical presence.

SI: Who's the one goalie you'd pay money to see?

Hull: I hate goalies. But it's hard not to pick [Buffalo's] Ryan Miller.

SI: Did you hate the goalies on your team?

Hull: I couldn't. Since I never played defense, they covered my butt.

SI: Who was the hardest goaltender for you to score on?

Hull: The hardest goalie to score on was the goalie who had the best defense in front of him. Because I could score on all of them.

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