What was your welcome-to-the-big-leagues moment?
My first game [in 1996 with Seattle], I'm facing Orel Hershiser. I step in, and I'm looking out thinking, That's Orel Hershiser! It was strike one before I knew it. I wound up 0 for 3.

What was your most embarrassing moment?
In 2002 I was with K.C. playing first base. One out in the eighth, bases loaded, we're up a run, and the A's had Scott Hatteberg up. I thought it through: If the ball comes right to me, I'll throw home. If it's to my right, I'll go to second. So the ball comes right to me, I reach down, it goes between my legs, and we lose.

One thing about being in the major leagues that people don't think about?
How hard this game is on your family and how bad the travel is.

If I were commissioner for a day, I'd ...
fire the people who make the schedule. They can't get back at me for saying that. They can't make the schedule worse.

Ibañez, batting .253, went 5 for 12 as the Mariners won two out of three games against Kansas City.

The Mariners play a midweek series at Detroit, where Ibañez went 5 for 12 with three RBIs in three games last September.