What was yourwelcome-to-NHL-coaching moment?
My first game [in 2005]. We were in Chicago, and I'd had the flu for four days.I was literally sweating on the bench, and when [the Blackhawks] scored theirfirst goal, I had only four guys on the ice.

Your mostembarrassing moment?
When I was playing [as a Winnipeg Jets defenseman in 1985] and [opposingcenter] Bernie Nicholls called my nickname—"Hey, Kitty"—and I passed tohim. He was alone in front of our net, and diving back [on defense], I hit mycalf on the post. I missed 10 days.

If I werecommissioner for a day, I'd....
That could get me in trouble.... I'd like to say something along the line ofofficiating, but I don't want to. I'll go with getting rid of the shootout.That's been a thorn in my side.

If I weren't inthe NHL, I'd ...
probably be coaching in the American Hockey League or the East Coast League orjunior hockey—wherever I could.

With Anaheim leading Ottawa three games to one in the finals, Carlyle wasdrawing nearer to his first Stanley Cup.

Win or lose, Carlyle plans to spend his off-season hunting and fishing in hisnative Ontario.