Up & Down: News and Notes

The shirts, gloves and unused lotions of Carnoustie
July 29, 2007


He flew under theradar for three days, played 17 great holes on Sunday, then overcame a Van deVelde moment at 18 to win.

Skin Shirt

From Tiger Woods'smuscle clinger to Boo Weekley's camo, the body-hugging, long-sleeve undershirtwas the week's star.

Boo Weekley

Thestraight-talking, tobacco-chewin' good ol' boy was a fave of the British tabs,and for a guy who'd never played links golf (he didn't even know who Jean Vande Velde was), he impressed with his play, finishing 35th.


We've now seenenough of Nick Faldo to know he's good, but last week was a reminder that he'seven better when he's trading zingers with Zinger. Maybe CBS will reunitethem.

Rory McIlroy

The 18-year-oldwowed the crowd by making the cut and finishing as the low amateur at fiveover.

Andrés Romero

He added agut-wrenching storyline to Sunday's proceedings as his final 11 holes includedno pars, but seven birdies, two bogeys and two doubles, including the debacleat 17.


The comfy handwarmers got plenty of airtime as players tried to fight off the typicalScottish summer. Brrrrrrr.

Sergio García

Never on a Sunday.Sergio continued to struggle in the final pair at a major. He was ahead for 31‚ÅÑ2 days but couldn't hold on to a three-shot lead under pressure.


From canarycostume to Burger King manager, García's getup was straight from Barfelona.

Gary Player

The Black Knightmay have had noble intentions, and hopefully his outburst will help bring aboutchange, but injecting a whiff of McCarthyism doesn't smell good.

Bobby Clampett

King of theobvious, master of the cliché, spinner of swing jargon--Jed Clampett would bebetter.

Tiger Woods

After an opening69, Woods seemed to lose control of his ball, missing fairways and greens leftand right. Only a hot putter allowed him to stay at two under and finish12th.

Phil Mickelson

Lefty and hisbalky wrist missed the cut at a second straight major. Expect him to shut itdown after the PGA.


With temperaturesthat never got out of the 50s, overcast skies and on-and-off rain, Coppertonedidn't cash in. At least the wind stayed calm.

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