What was your welcome-to-the-big-leagues moment?
I was called up [to the Marlins in 1998], and I got to the dugout in the second inning. I shook [manager] Jim Leyland's hand, the coaches' hands. I went down the line to all the guys like, Hey, what's up? I sat on the end of the bench, and 30 seconds later Leyland came down. He goes, "Red, when you're done saying hi to everyone, take your [butt] to the bullpen!"

Your most embarrassing moment?
I've put on all my equipment, then left my glove in the dugout.

One thing about being in the big leagues people don't know about?
The clubhouse food is overrated.

If I were commissioner for a day, I would ...
get rid of the DH.

If I weren't in the majors, I'd be ...
a cop.

Last Week
Redmond caught Johan Santana's 17-strikeout game against the Rangers.

This Week
The Twins visit the Orioles, against whom Redmond batted .300 last year.