WARREN SAPPRETIRED last week, which cost the Raiders one of the best defensive tackles inthe history of the game (he had 96.5 sacks and made seven Pro Bowls in 13seasons) and cost writers one of the best quote producers in living memory.Here are some of Sapp's more memorable moments.

Nov. 24, 2002
On an interception return, Sapp (right) levels hapless Packers tackle ChadClifton with a legal block, sending him to the hospital and ending his season.Green Bay coach Mike Sherman chides Sapp on the field. After the game, Sappcalls Sherman "a lying, s--t-eating hound" and says, "If I was 25without my kids and a conscience, I would have given him an ass-whipping righton the 30-yard line."

Sept. 21, 2003
Sapp—a first-round pick out of Miami by the Buccaneers in 1995—scores the firstoffensive touchdown of his career on a six-yard pass from Tampa Bay QB BradJohnson. He celebrates with an homage to Beyoncé (left), mimicking the dancefrom her Crazy in Love music video in the end zone. "I didn't do it quitelike she does," the 303-pounder says. "But she's got a little moreassets than I do."

Oct. 12, 2003
After the league tells him he can no longer skip through opposing teams'pregame drills, Sapp responds in a CBS pregame interview: "It's a slavesystem. Make no mistake about it; slave master say you can't do it, don't doit. They'll make an example out of you.... I guess I've become larger thanlife."

Nov. 22, 2006
Sapp reveals that he often refuses to dine out while on the road for fear thathis food will be poisoned. He also says he sometimes takes two rooms inhotels—the second under an assumed name, so he can order room service withoutworrying about foul play. "I know it's real," says Sapp."Especially in Philly. Come on." Sapp does concede that he's had noproblems since his 2004 move from Tampa to Oakland: "I've been good outhere on the West Coast. I guess they're more liberal out here."

Dec. 23, 2006
Sapp throws a sideline tantrum because of the team's ugly play. "It wassomething that was really, really on the edge of, like, gay porn," heexplains. "When it's real bad football, that's what we call it: gay porn.Something you don't want to watch. Something you just don't want to see on theTV. Something you don't even want to talk about. That's gay porn."