On playing withBrett Favre

You can't explainhow smart he is. He's seen it all—before the defense even gives us their look,he has told us what they're going to go into. I'm trying to sponge upeverything I can before my time with him is up.

Catching Favre'srecord 421st TD pass, a 16-yarder against the Vikings

I ran a slant, gotleverage on my corner, and he hit me in stride. I'm grateful I could sneak inand be a small piece of his legacy.

Growing up inKalamazoo, Mich.

It's a small town,and everyone knows my dad [Greg Sr.], who's a pastor. I would be outsideplaying and would have to go to Tuesday Bible study or Friday Bible study. Iwas always going to church.

On marrying hishometown sweetheart, Nicole

We met in fifthgrade. I was attracted to her then, and I'm attracted to her now. We didn'tactually start dating until after [Kalamazoo Central High], but it was as if wehad been dating all along. In school, if I had a female friend, she'd be upset.She had a boyfriend, and I was upset.

Being a father tohis year-old daughter, Amya

As much fun as sheis, it's work—she sees me and it's playtime!

His pregameritual

I use a blessedoil and anoint my body. I pray and ask God for his covering that no harm ordanger come to me. It frees my mind.

His older sister,Valyncia

She was tougher onme than anyone. If I didn't perform to her standards in a game [at WesternMichigan], I'd hear about it. My brother [Cortney] and I played AAU basketball,and once she said, "If you or Cortney don't make it to the NFL or NBA, Momand Dad wasted a bunch of money on you." It was so true. It made me workeven harder.

On critics sayinghe was too small (5'11", 197 pounds)

I didn't listen,but I hear. You can only use it as fuel.