The Interview
Greg Paulus

Duke, a 2-seed, opens the NCAA tournament on Thursday against 15-seed Belmont.

Dan Patrick: How are you?

Greg Paulus: How are you, Mr. Patrick?

DP: Did Coach K tell you to call me Mr. Patrick?

GP: No.

DP: Who's more intense, Coach K or Tyler Hansbrough?

GP: Coach K.

DP: If there were a loose ball between Tyler Hansbrough and Coach K....

GP: I'm calling Coach K.

DP: You seem to be Public Enemy No. 1 with fans. How does that feel?

GP: Oh, it just makes me focus harder.

DP: But do you ever say, "Why me?"

GP: I just look at it like, you know, you want to keep those people quiet.

DP: When's the last time you laughed at what a fan said to you on the floor?

GP: At Virginia they were making fun of me because I enjoy Shirley Temples.

DP: Why do you like Shirley Temples?

GP: I don't know. I think my sister got me hooked.

DP: It's kind of hard to take a charge and admit that you like Shirley Temples. Do you get a little umbrella in the drink as well?

GP: No, just a regular.

DP: Who's a better athlete, you or your younger brother [North Carolina quarterback Mike Paulus]?

GP: I am.

DP: Whoa, that was quick.

GP: He would tell you the same thing. That's why I'm not worried about my answer.

DP: Are you a better football player right now than your brother?

GP: He would say yes.

DP: Out of high school you were offered a chance to play football at Notre Dame. Do you miss playing quarterback?

GP: I miss football, but I love my decision, and I love everything about being a Duke point guard.

DP: Do you have any Carolina Blue in your wardrobe?

GP: Yes. My brother yells at me because I don't wear it.

DP: Well, good luck in the tournament, and don't let them get to you.

GP: Thanks a lot, Mr. Patrick.

THE FINE PRINT: The NFL reports that personal misconduct incidents are down 20% in the last year (largely because many players are already in jail).

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