1 Last week Larry Brown resigned as VP of the Sixers because he wants to get back into coaching. (He has been linked with the Bobcats' vacancy.) How many teams—ABA, NBA and NCAA—has the 67-year-old Brown served as a player or coach?

2 Years before taking the Spurs job, Brown said the only thing he liked about San Antonio was ____.
a. the fans
b. the ownership
c. guacamole salad
d. the Alamo

3 Of which stop did Brown once say, "I've never been so miserable in my life."
a. Carolina Cougars
b. Denver Nuggets
c. Philadelphia 76ers
d. New York Knicks

4 What did Brown do hours before he quit the Nuggets because of "pains in my chest"?
a. coached his team to a loss
b. lost his temper with media
c. was ejected by ref
d. ran seven miles

5 Which of the garish outfits below was not worn by Brown when he was coach of the Denver Nuggets from 1974 to '79?

6 Which school did Brown coach for 84 days in 1969 before returning to the ABA as a player?
a. James Madison
b. George Mason
c. Davidson
d. Bucknell

7 Which of Brown's teams had the worst single-season record?
a. San Antonio Spurs
b. New Jersey Nets
c. Philadelphia 76ers
d. New York Knicks

Match the quote with the job:

8 "I'm determined to stay. But I can only prove it by staying."

9 "As long as I feel comfortable here, I'll stay. Right now, I feel great here."

10 "Hopefully, I'll be here a long time."
a. UCLA, 1979--81
b. Kansas, 1983--88
c. Clippers, 1991--93

ANSWERS: 1. 17 (player: UNC, New Orleans Buccaneers, Oakland Oaks, Washington Capitols, Virginia Squires; player and coach: Denver Rockets/Nuggets; coach: Davidson, Carolina Cougars, UCLA, Nets, Kansas, Spurs, Clippers, Pacers, 76ers, Pistons, Knicks); 2. c; 3. a; 4. d; 5. d (Carolina, 1973); 6. c; 7. a (21--61 in 1988--89); 8. b; 9. a; 10. c

Pom-pom Diplomacy

WHILE THE Redskins' front office was quietly trying to convince Cincinnati to deal Chad Johnson, the team's cheerleaders were focusing their powers of persuasion on a different target: Indian cricket fans. Twelve cheerleaders in hot pants and go-go boots were in Bangalore, shaking their pom-poms at 55,000 people as part of the Indian Premier League's attempt to change the sport's stodgy reputation. The women also mentored novice Indian cheerleaders.

It was a radical idea, given India's conservative culture. (Last year Richard Gere was nearly arrested for publicly kissing a Bollywood starlet.) An official in Mumbai last week declared cheerleaders "crude and vulgar" and raised the possibility of banning them. But the women have been a hit with the fans. "Sexuality and cricket is the way forward," a (male) Indian sports historian told The Washington Post, "and it's time India wakes up to the fact that it's a modern society." Another excitedly decreed, "The cheerleaders are heroes in their ability to make people excited." Mahatma who?

Go Figure

382 Length of Grady Sizemore's consecutive-games streak, which came to an end on Sunday when the Indians' centerfielder sat out a 1--0 loss to the Yankees with a sore ankle.

351 Current longest consecutive-games streak, held by Atlanta's Jeff Francoeur.

4 Federation Cup finals appearances for Russia in the past five years after the defending champions beat the U.S. 3--2 in the semifinals in Moscow last weekend.

5 Times that Cubs catcher Geovany Soto struck out in five at bats against the Nationals last Saturday.

5 Different Washington pitchers who fanned Soto.

47 Age of Bolivian president Evo Morales, who played 41 minutes in his debut for second-division soccer team Litoral last Saturday.

0 Number of players selected in the NFL draft from the University of Alabama last weekend.

1 Number of players selected from Division III schools Wheaton (Andy Studebaker, by the Eagles in the sixth round) and Mount Union (Pierre Garcon, Colts, sixth round).