• Im Dong Hyun, South Korea
• Romain Girouille, France
• Park Kyung Mo, South Korea
Korea has won seven of eight worlds but is 0-fer the Games.

• South Korea
• Taiwan
• Great Britain
Korea won its '04 team gold with no individual medalists.


• Park Sung Hyun, South Korea
• Yun Ok Hee, South Korea
• Natalia Valeeva, Italy
Originally from Moldova, Valeeva now lives in Modena.

• South Korea
• China
• Taiwan
Korean women are 5 for 5 in Olympic team golds.



• Lin Dan, China
• Lee Chong-Wei, Malaysia
• Bao Chunlai, China
Fiery Lin denied reports that he punched a coach in April.

• Jung & Lee, South Korea
• Kido & Setiawan, Indonesia
• Fu & Cai, China
U.S. won '05 worlds with two players born in Asia.


• Xie Xingfang, China
• Lu Lan, China
• Zhu Lin,
Denmark's Tine Rasmussen could ruin the host sweep.

• Yang & Zhang, China
• Zhang & Wei, China
• Du & Yu, China
Yang is lone returnee from six Chinese who swept in '00.


• Limpele & Marissa, Indonesia
• Widianto & Natsir, Indonesia
• Zheng & Gao, China
All five of Indonesia's Olympic golds have come in badminton.

• Cuba
• Japan
• U.S.
U.S. skipper Davey Johnson managed Dutch in '04 Games.


• U.S.
• Spain
• Argentina
U.S. lost three times in Athens.

• U.S.
• Australia
• Russia
U.S. has 25 straight Olympic wins since losing in '92 semis.


48 kg (105.5lbs.)
• Zou Shiming, China
• Harry Ta√±amor, Philippines
• Patrick Barnes, Ireland
• Sherali Dostiev, Tajikistan
U.S. briefly kicked Luis Yanez off team for going AWOL.

51 kg (112lbs.)
• Rau'shee Warren, U.S.
• Somjit Jongjohor, Thailand
• McWilliams Arroyo, Puerto Rico
• Juan Carlos Payano, Dom. Republic
The only returning U.S. boxer, Warren has moved up a class.

54 kg (119lbs.)
• Enkhbat Badar-Uugan, Mongolia
• Sergey Vodopyanov, Russia
• Gu Yu, China
• Gary Russell Jr., U.S.
Russell will need surgery on his right shoulder after Games.

57 kg (125.5lbs.)
• Albert Selimov, Russia
• Li Yang, China
• Yakup Kilic, Turkey
• Idel Torriente, Cuba
Cleveland's Raynell Williams could win a medal.

60 kg (132lbs.)
• Yordenis Ugas, Cuba
• Frankie Gavin, Great Britain
• Alexey Tishchenko, Russia
• Domenico Valentino, Italy
Ex-lifeguard Gavin was U.K.'s first amateur world champ.

64 kg (141lbs.)
• Serik Sapiyev, Kazakhstan
• Gennady Kovalev, Russia
• Roniel Iglesias, Cuba
• Billy Joe Saunders, Great Britain
Saunders's great granddad was a bare-knuckle champion.

69 kg (152lbs.)
• Demetrius Andrade, U.S.
• Carlos Banteaux, Cuba
• Hanati Silamu, China
• Kakhaber Zhvania, Georgia
Southpaw Andrade is one of world's best defensive fighters.

75 kg (165lbs.)
• Matvey Korobov, Russia
• Emilio Correa, Cuba
• Sergiy Derevyanchenko, Ukraine
• Wang Jianzheng, China
Cuba boycotted '07 worlds, delaying Korobov vs. Correa.

81 kg (178lbs.)
• Artur Beterbiev, Russia
• Abbos Atoev, Uzbekistan
• Carlos Negron, Puerto Rico
• Yerkebuian Shynaliev, Kazakhstan
In a rarity, Cuba didn't qualify a fighter in this weight class.

91 kg (200lbs.)
• Osmay Acosta, Cuba
• Rakhim Chakhkiev, Russia
• Yushan Nijiati, China
• Clemente Russo, Italy
Acosta thumped U.S. hope Deontay Wilder in March.

91+ kg (200+lbs.)
• Roberto Alfonso, Cuba
• Roberto Cammarelle, Italy
• Islam Timurziev, Russia
• Zhang Zhilei, China
Policeman Cammarelle gets paid to train full time.


Canoe singles 500 meters
• Andreas Dittmer, Germany
• David Cal Figueroa, Spain
• Aliaksandr Zhukouski, Belarus
Dittmer's sister, Anja, is a two-time Olympic triathlete.

Canoe singles1,000 meters
• Attila Vajda, Hungary
• Thomas Hall, Canada
• Andreas Dittmer, Germany
Hall's win in Germany in June lifted him into medal picture.

Canoe pairs 500meters
• Meng & Yang, China
• Bahdanovich & Bahdanovich, Belarus
• Gille & Wylenzek, Germany
Of its 319 medals, China has won one in canoe/kayak.

Canoe pairs 1,000meters
• Gille & Wylenzek, Germany
• Torres & Aguilar, Cuba
• Popa & Flocea, Romania
Christian Gille's former Olympic partner died of leukemia.

Canoe singlesslalom (whitewater)
• Tony Estanguet, France
• Michal Martikàn, Slovakia
• Robin Bell, Australia
U.S.'s Benn Fraker, a Georgia teenager, could win a medal.

Canoe pairsslalom (whitewater)
• Hochschorner & Hochschorner, Slovakia
• Volf & Stepanek, Czech Republic
• Forgit & Braud, France
Pavol and Peter Hochschorner are fraternal twins.

Kayak singles 500meters
• Adam van Koeverden, Canada
• Tim Brabants, Great Britain
• Jonas Ems, Germany
Van Koeverden was valedictorian at McMaster University.

Kayak singles1,000 meters
• Tim Brabants, Great Britain
• Adam van Koeverden, Canada
• Eirik Veraas-Larsen, Norway
Brabants is a physician.

Kayak pairs 500meters
• Kammerer & Kucsera, Hungary
• Rauhe & Wiesk√∂tter, Germany
• Piatrushenka & Makhneu, Belarus
Ronald Rauhe has 11 world golds.

Kayak pairs 1,000meters
• Colin & Carré, France
• Kammerer & Kucsera, Hungary
• Oscarsson & Gustafsson, Sweden
Markus Oscarsson won gold in '04 with different partner.

Kayak fours 1,000meters
• Belarus
• Germany
• Slovakia
Two-time defending champ Hungary has hit hard times.

Kayak singlesslalom (whitewater)
• Fabien Lefevre, France
• Alexander Grimm, Germany
• Campbell Walsh, Great Britain
Walsh needed skin graft in '05 after another boat cut his arm.


Kayak singles 500meters
• Katalin Kovàcs, Hungary
• Katrin Wagner-Augustin, Germany
• Josefa Idem, Italy
Kovàcs has won four medals.

Kayak pairs 500meters
• Fischer & Reinhardt, Germany
• Kovàcs & Janics, Hungary
• Mikolajczyk & Konieczna, Poland
German duo also won non-Olympic 200 at '07 worlds.

Kayak fours 500meters
• Germany
• Hungary
• Poland
Germany's first Games since '76 without great Birgit Fischer.

Kayak singlesslalom (whitewater)
• Stepanka Hilgertova, Czech Republic
• Jennifer Bongardt, Germany
• Elena Kaliska, Slovakia
Hilgertova is in her fifth Games.



Road race
• Paolo Bettini, Italy
• Cadel Evans, Australia
• Frank Schleck, Luxembourg
Bettini lives in an Italian town called La California.

Individual timetrial (road)
• Cadel Evans, Australia
• Levi Leipheimer, U.S.
• Michael Rogers, Australia
Evans is a strong advocate of the Free Tibet movement.

4,000-meterindividual pursuit
• Bradley Wiggins, Great Britain
• Bradley McGee, Australia
• Jenning Huizenga, Netherlands
Wiggins was born in Belgium, where his dad rode as a pro.

4,000-meter teampursuit
• Great Britain
• Australia
• New Zealand
Tight second-place finish behind Brits at '07 worlds.

• Theo Bos, Netherlands
• Chris Hoy, Great Britain
• Kevin Sireau, France
Bos's brother, Jan, won two Olympic speedskating medals.

Team sprint
• France
• Great Britain
• Germany
In '07 world final, .3 of a second separated these three.

Points race
• Vasili Kiryienka, Belarus
• Greg Henderson, New Zealand
• Peter Schep, Netherlands
Schep raced in team pursuit at last three Games.

• Cavendish & Wiggins, Great Britain
• Risi & Marvulli, Switzerland
• Morkov & Rasmussen, Denmark
Wiggins won Madison and both pursuits at '08 worlds.

• Chris Hoy, Great Britain
• Theo Bos, Netherlands
• Teun Mulder, Netherlands
Hoy rowed and raced BMX for Scottish junior teams.

Mountain bike
• Julien Absalon, France
• Christoph Sauser, Switzerland
• Ralph Naf, Switzerland
Swiss swept the medals at this year's worlds.

• Donny Robinson, U.S.
• Mike Day, U.S.
• Robert de Wilde, Netherlands
Kyle Bennett could complete U.S. sweep in event's Olympic debut.


Road race
• Judith Arndt, Germany
• Naomi Cantele, Italy
• Kristin Armstrong, U.S.
Military brat Armstrong went to high school in Japan.

Individual timetrial (road)
• Kristin Armstrong, U.S.
• Judith Arndt, Germany
• Hanka Kupfenagel, Germany
Armstrong is not related to Lance.

3,000-meterindividual pursuit
• Rebecca Romero, Great Britain
• Sarah Hammer, U.S.
• Katie Mactier, Australia
In Athens, Romero won silver in quad sculls rowing.

• Anna Meares, Australia
• Victoria Pendleton, Great Britain
• Jennie Reed, U.S.
Reed is world champion in non-Olympic women's keirin.

Points race
• Marianne Vos, Netherlands
• Vera Carrara, Italy
• Yoanka Gonzalez, Cuba
Vos is only woman with world titles in road, track and cyclo-cross.

Mountain bike
• Margarita Fullana, Spain
• Marie-Helene Premont, Canada
• Ren Chengyuan, China
Premont plans to become a pharmacist.

• Shanaze Reade, Great Britain
• Sarah Walker, New Zealand
• Anne-Caroline Chausson, France
Reade has endured fractures to her knee, foot, wrist, elbow and fingers.



• He Chong, China
• Qin Kai, China
• Troy Dumais, U.S.
Dumais dived synchro for years with older brother Justin.

• Sascha Klein, Germany
• Zhou Luxin, China
• Gleb Galperin, Russia
Galperin's victory spoiled China sweep at last year's worlds.

• Qin & Wang, China
• Sautin & Kunakov, Russia
• Robertson & Newbery, Australia
The 5'5" Qin Kai is a hoops buff who roots for the Lakers.

• Lin & Huo, China
• Dobroskok & Galperin, Russia
• Finchum & Boudia, U.S.
Thomas Finchum has grown 10 inches, to 6'1", since '04 trials.


• Guo Jingjing, China
• Wu Minxia, China
• Sharleen Stratton, Australia
Indiana University's Christina Loukas is a medal threat.

• Chen Ruolin, China
• Wang Xin, China
• Paola Espinosa, Mexico
Final Games for U.S.'s Laura Wilkinson, '00 champ.

• Guo & Wu, China
• Pakhalina & Pozdnyakova, Russia
• Cole & Stratton, Australia
Guo Jingjing's dating life is always news in China.

• Wang & Chen, China
• Wu & Cole, Australia
• Ortiz & Espinosa, Mexico
China has more golds in diving (20) than in any other sport.


Individualthree-day event
• Nicolas Touzaint, France
• William Fox-Pitt, Great Britain
• Lucinda Fredericks, Australia
New Zealand's Mark Todd came back at 52 but won't win a medal.

Team three-dayevent
• France
• Great Britain
• Australia
Brits miss royal Zara Phillips, whose horse injured a leg.

• Anky van Grunsven, Netherlands
• Isabell Werth, Germany
• Andreas Helgstrand, Denmark
Van Grunsven was pregnant when she won gold in Athens.

Team dressage
• Netherlands
• Germany
• U.S.
Germany's only (nonboycott) loss since '56 came in Munich.

• Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, Germany
• Beezie Madden, U.S.
• Eric Lamaze, Canada
U.S.-born Michaels wed German equestrian Markus Beerbaum.

Team jumping
• Germany
• U.S.
• Canada
Upstate New Yorker Madden led U.S. to gold in '04.



• Matteo Tagliariol, Italy
• Jerome Jeannet, France
• Seth Kelsey, U.S.
Air Force Academy grad Kelsey had big win at recent Pan Ams.

Team épée
• France
• Hungary
• Italy
Champs in 1996 and 2000, Italy failed to qualify in '04.

• Peter Joppich, Germany
• Salvatore Sanzo, Italy
• Andrea Baldini, Italy
Joppich is ranked below Baldini but has three world titles.

• Luigi Tarantino, Italy
• Stanislav Pozdnyakov, Russia
• Nicolas Limbach, Germany
Brooklyn's Keeth Smart could earn a medal.

Team sabre
• Italy
• Russia
• France
U.S. men missed bronze in Athens by a single touch.


• Li Na, China
• Britta Heidemann, Germany
• Ana Branza, Romania
China's 1984 champ, Luan Jujie, now fences for Canada.

• Valentina Vezzali, Italy
• Nam Hyun Hee, South Korea
• Giovanna Trillini, Italy
U.S.'s Emily Cross, world junior champ, is a medal threat.

Team foil
• Italy
• Hungary
• Russia
Italy has world's three top-ranked foil fencers.

• Rebecca Ward, U.S.
• Sada Jacobson, U.S.
• Tan Xue, China
Oregonian Ward won world title in 2006 at age 16.

Team sabre
• U.S.
• China
• Russia
Athens sabre champ Mariel Zagunis joins Ward, Jacobson.


• Australia
• Germany
• Netherlands
Minus injured midfielder Nathan Eglington, Aussies still rule.

• Netherlands
• Argentina
• Germany
Germans took '04 gold despite being outscored overall 11--8.



• China
• Japan
• Russia
Also favored in 2004, China tumbled to fifth in Athens.

• Yang Wei, China
• Fabian Hamb√ºchen, Germany
• Hiroyuki Tomita, Japan
Yang led all-around in '04 before crashing from high bar.

Floor exercise
• Diego Hypólito, Brazil
• Zou Kai, China
• Marian Dragulescu, Romania
Hypólito's sister survived bus wreck, won worlds medal.

Pommel horse
• Xiao Qin, China
• Hiroyuki Tomita, Japan
• Yang Wei, China
Yang proposed to fiancée at a fake press conference.

• Chen Yibing, China
• Jordan Jovtchev, Bulgaria
• Yang Wei, China
Bad (early-group) U.S. draw may cost Kevin Tan a bronze.

• Marian Dragulescu, Romania
• Leszek Blanik, Poland
• Daniel Popescu, Romania
Dragulescu was on Romanian Dancing with the Stars.

Parallel bars
• Mitja Petkovsek, Slovenia
• Li Xiaopeng, China
• Kim Dae Eun, South Korea
Former world champ Li is finally healthy after foot ailments.

Horizontal bar
• Fabian Hamb√ºchen, Germany
• Vlasios Maras, Greece
• Paul Hamm, U.S.
Hambüchen was Germany's '07 sportsman of the year.


• China
• U.S.
• Romania
U.S. beat China by a point at worlds last year.

• Shawn Johnson, U.S.
• Steliana Nistor, Romania
• Yang Yilin, China
Rain flooded Johnson out of her Des Moines gym in June.

• Cheng Fei, China
• Hong Su Jong, North Korea
• Alicia Sacramone, U.S.
Germany's Oksana Chusovitina, 33, could win a medal.

Uneven bars
• Nastia Liukin, U.S.
• He Kexin, China
• Ksenia Semenova, Russia
Liukin's dad, Valeri, was first man to do a triple back on floor.

Balance beam
• Li Shanshan, China
• Steliana Nistor, Romania
• Shawn Johnson, U.S.
Li's routine is so good she fell at '07 worlds and still won silver.

Floor exercise
• Cheng Fei, China
• Shawn Johnson, U.S.
• Alicia Sacramone, U.S.
Brown junior Sacramone has won two world floor medals.


• Anna Bessonova, Ukraine
• Vera Sessina, Russia
• Olga Kapranova, Russia
Anna's dad was Ukrainian soccer player of year in 1989.

• Russia
• Italy
• Bulgaria
U.S. didn't qualify anyone in rhythmic gymnastics.


• Ye Shuai, China
• Dong Dong, China
• Yasuhiro Ueyama, Japan
Ye is a former diver and artistic gymnast.

• Irina Karavaeva, Russia
• Huang Shanshan, China
• Karen Cockburn, Canada

Cockburn'shusband is Sydney medalist Mathieu Turgeon.



60 kg (132lbs.)
• Ruben Houkes, Netherlands
• Hiroaki Hiraoka, Japan
• Tsagaanbaatar Khashbaatar, Mongolia
• Nestor Khergiani, Georgia
Mongolia has 15 Olympic medals but no golds.

66 kg (145lbs.)
• Yordanis Arencibia, Cuba
• Arash Miresmaeili, Iran
• Joao Derly, Brazil
• Miklos Ungvari, Hungary
Miresmaeili was DQ'd in Athens after not making weight.

73 kg (160.5lbs.)
• Elnur Mammadli, Azerbaijan
• Wang Ki Chun, South Korea
• David Kevkhishvili, Georgia
• Bogiev Rasul, Tajikistan
Tajikistan has never won an Olympic medal.

81 kg (178lbs.)
• Tiago Camilo, Brazil
• Guillaume Elmont, Netherlands
• Kim Jae Bum, South Korea
• Robert Krawczyk, Poland
Camilo won 73-kg silver in Sydney at age 18.

90 kg (198lbs.)
• Ilias Iliadis, Greece
• Irakli Tsirekidze, Georgia
• Mark Huizinga, Netherlands
• Hiroshi Izumi, Japan
Iliadis was also born in Georgia.

100 kg (220lbs.)
• Henk Grol, Netherlands
• Daniel Hadfi, Hungary
• Luciano Correa, Brazil
• Ariel Zeevi, Israel
Three-time Euro champ Zeevi may be Israel's best athlete ever.

100+ kg (220+lbs.)
• Tamerlan Tmenov, Russia
• Teddy Riner, France
• Satoshi Ishii, Japan
• Jo√£o Gabriel Schlittler, Brazil
In '07, at 18, Riner became the youngest men's world champ.


48 kg (105.5lbs.)
• Ryoko Tani, Japan
• Alina Dumitru, Romania
• Yanet Bermoy, Cuba
• Gao Feng, China
Tani has two golds and two silvers in four Olympics.

52 kg (114.5lbs.)
• Xian Dongmei, China
• Telma Monteiro, Portugal
• Ana Carrascosa, Spain
• Romi Tarangul, Germany
After childbirth and knee surgery, Xian is better than ever.

57 kg (125.5lbs.)
• Kye Sun Hui, North Korea
• Sabrina Filzmoser, Austria
• Isabel Fernàndez, Spain
• Aiko Sato, Japan
At 48 kg, Kye snapped Tani's 84-match winning streak in '96.

63 kg (138.5lbs.)
• Lucie Décosse, France
• Elisabeth Willeboordse, Netherlands
• Driulis Gonàlez, Cuba
• Ayumi Tanimoto, Japan
Gonàlez took away Decosse's world crown last fall.

70 kg (154lbs.)
• Gévrise Emane, France
• Ronda Rousey, U.S.
• Edith Bosch, Netherlands
• Masae Ueno, Japan
Rousey could be U.S.'s first Olympic judo champ.

78 kg (171.5lbs.)
• Vera Moskalyuk, Russia
• Yang Xiuli, China
• Yagnelis Castillo, Cuba
• Heide Wollert, Germany
Yang beat Moskalyuk in Super World Cup in Paris in February.

78+ kg (171.5+lbs.)
• Tong Wen, China
• Anne-Sophie Mondi√®re, France
• Tea Donguzashvili, Russia
• Maki Tsukada, Japan
Tong has won six straight world and Asian championships.


• Jean-Maxence Berrou, France
• Ilia Frolov, Russia
• David Svoboda, Czech Republic
World champ Frolov will win a medal unless he blows riding phase as he has inthe past.

• Aya Medany, Egypt
• Heather Fell, Great Britain
• Amélie Caze, France
Naval student Medany placed 28th in Athens at age 15.



Single sculls
• Mahe Drysdale, New Zealand
• Ondrej Synek, Czech Republic
• Olaf Tufte, Norway
Drysdale has won three world championships.

Double sculls
• Waddell & Cohen, New Zealand
• Cop & Spik, Slovenia
• Macquet & Hardy, France
Rob Waddell was a grinder on Kiwi America's Cup team.

Lightweightdouble sculls
• Purchase & Hunter, Great Britain
• Rasmussen & Quist, Denmark
• Goisset & Dufour, France
Only event without a U.S. boat.

Quadruple scullswithout cox
• Poland
• Italy
• U.S.
U.S. beat Poles in June to end three-year winning streak.

Pairs withoutcox
• Ginn & Free, Australia
• Twaddle & Bridgewater, New Zealand
• Calder & Frandsen, Canada
Duncan Free is down from quads.

Fours withoutcox
• New Zealand
• Australia
• Netherlands
Hit by truck, Kiwi Hamish Bond has protruding collarbone.

Lightweight fourswithout cox
• China
• Denmark
• France
China has never won rowing gold.

• Canada
• U.S.
• Great Britain
U.S. is defending gold medalist.


Single sculls
• Ekaterina Karsten, Belarus
• Rumyana Neykova, Bulgaria
• Zhang Xiuyun, China
Harvard grad Michelle Guerrette is in the medal hunt.

Double sculls
• Li & Tian, China
• Evers-Swindell & Evers-Swindell, New Zealand
• Thiele & Huth, Germany
Caroline and Georgina Evers-Swindell are identical twins.

Lightweightdouble sculls
• Yu & Xu, China
• Halliday & Houston, Australia
• Van der Kolk & Van Eupen, Netherlands
Amber Halliday broke six ribs in '04 and was fourth in Athens.

Quadruple scullswithout cox
• China
• Great Britain
• Germany
German or East German boats have won last five titles.

Pairs withoutcox
• Wu & Gao, China
• Cummins & McGee, U.S.
• Bichyk & Helakh, Belarus
Portia McGee missed Athens team by .2 of a second.

• Romania
• U.S.
• Canada
U.S. beat '04 Olympic champ Romania at last two worlds.



470 (two-persondinghy)
• Wilmot & Page, Australia
• Rogers & Glanfield, Great Britain
• Coster & Coster, Netherlands
Nathan Wilmot's father and uncle sailed for national team.

Laser (one-persondinghy)
• Tom Slingsby, Australia
• Paul Goodison, Great Britain
• Rasmus Myrgren, Sweden
Slingsby won world titles in 2007 and '08.

• Przemyslaw Miarczynski, Poland
• Zhou Yuanguo, China
• Tom Ashley, New Zealand
Zhou has fared best on his home course in Qingdao.

• Percy & Simpson, Great Britain
• Scheidt & Prada, Brazil
• Kusznierewicz & Zycki, Poland
Robert Scheidt is an eight-time world champ in Laser class.


470 (two-persondinghy)
• Kondo & Kamata, Japan
• Conti & Micol, Italy
• Rechichi & Parkinson, Australia
Dutch stars de Koning and Berkhout have been fading.

Laser Radial
(one-person dinghy)
• Anna Tunnicliffe, U.S.
• Sarah Blanck, Australia
• Xu Lijia, China
Tunnicliffe wed Brad Funk, who just missed men's Laser berth.

• Marina Alabau, Spain
• Barbara Kendall, New Zealand
• Yin Jian, China
Kendall, the 1992 gold medalist, is in her fifth Olympics.

• Great Britain
• U.S.
• Netherlands
U.S. was briefly No. 1 last year.

Finn (heavyweight dinghy)
• Ben Ainslie, Great Britain
• Rafael Trujillo Villar, Spain
• Ivan Kljakovic Gaspic, Croatia
Ainslie has Olympic golds in Finn and Laser on his résumé.

49er (skiff)
• Martínez & Fernàndez, Spain
• Sibello & Sibello, Italy
• Outteridge & Austin, Australia
U.S.'s Tim Wadlow and Chris Rast will challenge.

• Bundock & Ashby, Australia
• Hagara & Steinacher, Austria
• Booth & Nieuwenhuis, Netherlands
Mitch Booth won two Olympic medals for his native Australia.


10-meter air pistol
• Pang Wei, China
• Vladimir Isakov, Russia
• Franck Dumoulin, France
China's Wang Yifu won medals in this event at last four Games.

25-meterrapid-fire pistol
• Ralf Schumann, Germany
• Christian Reitz, Germany
• Sergei Alifrenko, Russia
Schumann blamed bad Sydney score on electronic malfunction.

• Lin Zhongzai, China
• Boris Kokorev, Russia
• Tomoyuki Matsuda, Japan
Xu Haifeng won in '84 for China's first Olympic gold.

10-meter airrifle
• Zhu Qinan, China
• Alin George Moldoveanu, Romania
• Peter Sidi, Hungary
In Athens, Zhu broke U.S. shooter Jason Parker's world record.

50-meter rifle, 3positions
• Jia Zhanbo, China
• Artur Aivazian, Ukraine
• Maik Eckhardt, Germany
U.S.'s Matt Emmons was winning in '04 before hitting wrong target.

50-meter rifle,prone
• Warren Potent, Australia
• Matt Emmons, U.S.
• Sergei Martynov, Belarus
Potent sold his house to pay for his mom's Alzheimer's care.

• Michael Diamond, Australia
• Mario Filipovic, Slovakia
• Bret Erickson, U.S.
Erickson's heart stopped during jog in '04; now has pacemaker.

Double trap
• Hu Binyuan, China
• Richard Faulds, Great Britain
• Glenn Eller, U.S.
Faulds did focusing exercises as a boy to correct poor vision.

• Georgios Achilleos, Cyprus
• Vincent Hancock, U.S.
• Anthony Terras, France
Hancock was world shooter of the year in 2005 at age 16.


10-meter airpistol
• Guo Wenjun, China
• Natalia Paderina, Russia
• Stéphanie Tirode, France
Sydney champ Tao Luna was left off the Chinese squad.

• Jasna Sekaric, Serbia
• Lalita Yauhleuskaya, Australia
• Chen Ying, China
This would be Sekaric's fifth medal in the event.

10-meter airrifle
• Sonja Pfeilschifter, Germany
• Du Li, China
• Katy Emmons, Czech Republic
Katy Kurkova married U.S. shooter Matt Emmons in '07.

50-meter rifle, 3positions
• Sonja Pfeilschifter, Germany
• Du Li, China
• Lidija Mihajlovic, Serbia
Watch for U.S.'s Jamie Beyerle, who coaches a BB-gun team.

• Daniela Del Din, San Marino
• Giulia Iannotti, Italy
• Park Yong Hui, North Korea
Del Din's home country has only 30,000 people.

• Wei Ning, China
• Diana Bacosi, Italy
• Danka Bartekovà, Czech Republic
Wei edged Bacosi on the Olympic range in April.


• Argentina
• Brazil
• Netherlands
Nineteen countries have won soccer gold, but not Brazil.

• Germany
• U.S.
• Brazil
U.S. has lost only one game in three Olympic appearances.

• U.S.
• Japan
• Australia
U.S. teams have outscored foes 117--16 in three Games.



• Eamon Sullivan, Australia
• Alain Bernard, France
• Ben Wildman-Tobriner, U.S.

Sullivan brokeAlexander Popov's 2000 world record.

• Alain Bernard, France
• Eamon Sullivan, Australia
• Stefan Nystrand, Sweden
Bernard is known as the Horse for his weightlifter's physique.

• Michael Phelps, U.S.
• Pieter van den Hoogenband, Netherlands
• Park Tae Hwan, South Korea
Phelps's bronze may have been his most impressive '04 race.

• Grant Hackett, Australia
• Park Tae Hwan, South Korea
• Peter Vanderkaay, U.S.
Park won seven medals at '06 Asian Games.

• Grant Hackett, Australia
• Peter Vanderkaay, U.S.
• Larsen Jensen, U.S.
Hackett wins third straight 1,500 gold.

• Aaron Peirsol, U.S.
• Liam Tancock, Great Britain
• Matt Grevers, U.S.
Peirsol has lost a 100 or a 200 only five times since 2001.

• Aaron Peirsol, U.S.
• Ryan Lochte, U.S.
• Markus Rogan, Austria
Peirsol won in '04 after his DQ for illegal turn was reversed.

• Brendan Hansen, U.S.
• Kosuke Kitajima, Japan
• Alexander Dale Oen, Norway "Frog" Kitajima's website

• Kosuke Kitajima, Japan
• Brenton Rickard, Australia
• Hugues Duboscq, France
Hansen's failure to qualify makes Kitajima a huge favorite.

• Michael Phelps, U.S.
• Ian Crocker, U.S.
• Milorad Cavic, Serbia
Together Phelps and Crocker have the 17 fastest times ever.

• Michael Phelps, U.S.
• Wu Peng, China
• Pawel Korzeniowski, Poland
Phelps has nine of the 10 fastest times ever.

200-meterindividual medley
• Michael Phelps, U.S.
• Ryan Lochte, U.S.
• Làszló Cseh, Hungary
Together Phelps and Lochte have the 13 fastest times ever.

400-meterindividual medley
• Michael Phelps, U.S.
• Ryan Lochte, U.S.
• Làszló Cseh, Hungary
With Lochte swimming well, this is a risky event for Phelps.

4 √ó 100-meterfreestyle relay
• U.S.
• France
• South Africa
Surprising French could also derail Phelps.

4 √ó 200-meterfreestyle relay
• U.S.
• Australia
• Italy
U.S. rallied past Aussies for thrilling win in Athens.

4 √ó 100-metermedley relay
• U.S.
• Russia
• Australia
Barring disqualification, this is U.S.'s safest relay gold.

10-km open-watermarathon
• Thomas Lurz, Germany
• Vladimir Dyatchin, Russia
• David Davies, Great Britain
Dyatchin won '07 worlds despite jellyfish stings.


• Libby Trickett, Australia
• Marleen Veldhuis, Netherlands
• Cate Campbell, Australia
Don't count out 41-year-old Dara Torres of the U.S.

• Libby Trickett, Australia
• Britta Steffen, Germany
• Marleen Veldhuis, Netherlands
Aussie paparazzi mobbed Libby Lenton's '07 wedding to swimmer LukeTrickett.

• Katie Hoff, U.S.
• Annika Lurz, Germany
• Federica Pellegrini, Italy
Hoff's mom set basketball scoring records at Stanford.

• Federica Pellegrini, Italy
• Katie Hoff, U.S.
• Laure Manaudou, France
In '04 Pellegrini became, at 16, Italy's youngest solo medalist.

• Kate Ziegler, U.S.
• Katie Hoff, U.S.
• Rebecca Adlington, Great Britain
Janet Evans's world record (8:16.22) has stood since 1989.

• Natalie Coughlin, U.S.
• Laure Manaudou, France
• Kirsty Coventry, Zimbabwe
Coughlin is defending champ.

• Kirsty Coventry, Zimbabwe
• Margaret Hoelzer, U.S.
• Laure Manaudou, France
Coventry has won all three of Zimbabwe's individual medals.

• Leisel Jones, Australia
• Jessica Hardy, U.S.
• Tarnee White, Australia
Hardy and Jones have traded the world mark; Jones holds it.

• Leisel Jones, Australia
• Rebecca Soni, U.S.
• Megumi Taneda, Japan
Jones battled depression after twice missing gold in Athens.

• Libby Trickett, Australia
• Jessicah Schipper, Australia
• Inge Dekker, Netherlands

U.S.-recordholder Coughlin didn't swim this event at trials.

• Jessicah Schipper, Australia
• Yuko Nakanishi, Japan
• Otylia Jedrzejczak, Poland
Jedrzejczak won '05 worlds despite illegal one-hand touch.

200-meterindividual medley
• Stephanie Rice, Australia
• Katie Hoff, U.S.
• Kirsty Coventry, Zimbabwe
At age 10, Hoff asked Phelps, then 14, for an autograph.

400-meterindividual medley
• Katie Hoff, U.S.
• Stephanie Rice, Australia
• Hannah Miley, Great Britain
Hoff broke Rice's record at trials.

4 √ó 100-meterfreestyle relay
• Australia
• U.S.
• Netherlands
Aussies' Trickett could win five golds in Beijing.

4 √ó 200-meterfreestyle relay
• U.S.
• Great Britain
• France
U.S. women have never lost this event at the Olympics.

4 √ó 100-metermedley relay
• Australia
• U.S.
• China
If Coughlin could swim multiple legs, U.S. would have a shot.

10-km open-watermarathon
• Larisa Ilchenko, Russia
• Cassie Patten, Great Britain
• Natalie du Toit, South Africa
Du Toit, whose left leg was amputated, makes history.


• Davydov & Ermakova, Russia
• Mengual & Fuentes, Spain
• Jiang & Jiang, China
China recruited a top Japanese coach to boost its medal hopes.

• Russia
• Spain
• Japan
Russia has won last five world and last two Olympic titles.



• Wang Hao, China
• Ma Lin, China
• Ryu Seung Min, South Korea
Wang admitted that he choked in losing the Athens gold medal match to Ryu.

• China
• South Korea
• Germany
World's top four ranked players are Chinese; three made team.


• Zhang Yining, China
• Guo Yue, China
• Kim Kyung Ah, South Korea
No non-Asian woman has won worlds or Olympics since 1955.

• China
• Singapore
• Hong Kong

World's top fiveranked players are Chinese; three made team.



58 kg (127.5lbs.)
• Juan Antonio Ràmos, Spain
• Chu Mu Yen, Taiwan
• Guillermo Pérez, Mexico
• Levent Tuncat, Germany
Chu won gold in Athens.

68 kg (149.5lbs.)
• Gessler Viera Abreu, Cuba
• Mark Lopez, U.S.
• Nesar Ahmed Bahave, Afghanistan
• Son Tae Jin, South Korea
Afghanistan has never won an Olympic medal.

80 kg (176lbs.)
• Steven Lopez, U.S.
• Bahri Tanrikulu, Turkey
• Hadi Saei Bonehkohal, Iran
• Sébastien Michaud, Canada
Lopez was one of PEOPLE's 50 Most Beautiful People.

80+ kg (176+lbs.)
• Angel Matos, Cuba
• Daba Modibo Keita, Mali
• Arman Chilmanov, Kazakhstan
• Liu Xiaobo, China
Mali has never won a medal.


49 kg (108lbs.)
• Wu Jingyu, China
• Yang Shu Chun, Taiwan
• Charlotte Craig, U.S.
• Ivett Gonda, Canada
Craig, only non-Lopez on U.S. team, lives with Lopez family.

57 kg (125.5lbs.)
• Su Li Wen, Taiwan
• Lim Su Jeong, South Korea
• Diana Lopez, U.S.
• Chonnapas Premwaew, Thailand
No trio of U.S. siblings has won a medal at one Olympics.

67 kg (147.5lbs.)
• Hwang Kyung Seon, South Korea
• Karine Sergerie, Canada
• Gwladys Epangue, France
• Tina Morgan, Australia
Sergerie's folks tried to coax her into dancing and art instead.

67+ kg (147.5+lbs.)
• Chen Zhong, China
• Maria Espinoza, Mexico
• Natalia Falavigna Silva, Brazil
• Sarah Stevenson, Great Britain
Youngest winner in Sydney at age 17, Chen is eyeing third title.


• Denmark
• Germany
• Croatia
Neither U.S. team qualified.

• Russia
• Norway
• Germany
Denmark won last three titles.



• Roger Federer, Switzerland
• Rafael Nadal, Spain
• Novak Djokovic, Serbia
Hardcourt surface gives Federer the edge over Nadal.

• Bryan & Bryan, U.S.
• Llodra & Clément, France
• Federer & Wawrinka, Switzerland
U.S. hasn't won a medal in this event since 1988.


• Venus Williams, U.S.
• Maria Sharapova, Russia
• Ana Ivanovic, Serbia
Venus did not get a medal in Athens after winning Sydney gold.

• Williams & Williams, U.S.
• Yan & Zheng, China
• Stosur & Stubbs, Australia
Serena and Venus won in '00.



100 meters
• Tyson Gay, U.S.
• Usain Bolt, Jamaica
• Walter Dix, U.S.
Four rounds of races take toll on less-experienced Bolt.

200 meters
• Usain Bolt, Jamaica
• Walter Dix, U.S.
• Shawn Crawford, U.S.
Absence of world champ Gay clears the way.

400 meters
• Jeremy Wariner, U.S.
• LaShawn Merritt, U.S.
• Chris Brown, Bahamas
Wariner and Merritt each have five of year's 10 best times.

800 meters
• Mbulaeni Mulaudzi, South Africa
• Wilfred Bungei, Kenya
• Abubaker Kaki-Khamis, Sudan
African champ David Rudisha failed to qualify for Kenya.

1,500 meters
• Augustine Choge, Kenya
• Bernard Lagat, U.S.
• Abdalaati Iguider, Morocco
World champ Lagat won silver for Kenya in 2004.

• Ezekiel Kemboi, Kenya
• Brimin Kipruto, Kenya
• Richard Matelong, Kenya
Kemboi has been warned about not always jumping directly over the barriers.

5,000 meters
• Edwin Soi, Kenya
• Kenenisa Bekele, Ethiopia
• Tariku Bekele, Ethiopia
Fast pace takes legs out from world champ Lagat of U.S, who is also running the1,500.

10,000 meters
• Kenenisa Bekele, Ethiopia
• Sileshi Sihine, Ethiopia
• Moses Masai, Kenya
Bekele's fiancée died of heart failure during a run with him.

• Martin Lel, Kenya
• Abderrahim Goumri, Morocco
• Tsegay Kebede, Ethiopia
Kenya is not among the 14 nations with gold in marathon.

• Dayron Robles, Cuba
• Liu Xiang, China
• Terrence Trammell, U.S.
World-record holder Robles takes down China's hero.

• Kerron Clement, U.S.
• Bershawn Jackson, U.S.
• Angelo Taylor, U.S.
Clement broke Michael Johnson's world indoor open 400 mark in 2005.

4 √ó 100-meterrelay
• U.S.
• Jamaica
• Trinidad & Tobago
Jamaican and U.S. men have run 14 of year's 15 fastest 100s.

4 √ó 400-meterrelay
• U.S.
• Bahamas
• Poland
U.S. has lost Olympic final once since 1952.

20-km walk
• Jefferson Pérez, Ecuador
• Francisco Javier Fernàndez, Spain
• Valeriy Borchin, Russia
Pérez won Ecuador's first Olympic medal, a gold in '96 in this event.

50-km walk
• Vladimir Kanaykin, Russia
• Denis Nizhegorodov, Russia
• Alex Schwazer, Italy
Kanaykin recently held the world record in the 20K but is stronger in the50K.

High jump
• Stefan Holm, Sweden
• Yaroslav Rybakov, Russia
• Jesse Williams, U.S.
Athens gold medalist Holm has also won four world championships.

Long jump
• Irving Saladino, Panama
• Lo√∫is Tsàtoumas, Greece
• Ibrahim Camejo, Cuba
Saladino lives in S√£o Paolo with Brazilian jumper Keila Costa.

Triple jump
• Phillips Idowu, Great Britain
• Arnie David Girat, Cuba
• Jadel Gregório, Brazil
Idowu read the Dennis Rodman book on changing hair colors.

Pole vault
• Evgeniy Lukyanenko, Russia
• Brad Walker, U.S.
• Steven Hooker, Australia
Hooker's mom long-jumped in '72 Games; his dad was national 400 champ.

Shot put
• Reese Hoffa, U.S.
• Adam Nelson, U.S.
• Andrei Mikhnevich, Belarus
Nelson worked at Olympic Village coffee shop in '96.

• Gerd Kanter, Estonia
• Virgilijus Alekna, Lithuania
• Ehsan Hadadi, Iran
Alekna awarded gold in '04 when winner failed doping test.

Hammer throw
• Ivan Tsikhan, Belarus
• Krisztiàn Pars, Hungary
• Primoz Kozmus, Slovenia
Tsikhan's coach is Soviet Olympic champ Sergei Litvinov.

• Tero Pitk√§m√§ki, Finland
• Andreas Thorkildsen, Norway
• Tero J√§rvenp√§√§, Finland
Pitkämäki speared a long jumper at a meet in Rome last year.

• Bryan Clay, U.S.
• Maurice Smith, Jamaica
• Roman Seberle, Czech Republic
Injuries and low blood sugar have knocked Clay out of a couple of bigmeets.


100 meters
• Kerron Stewart, Jamaica
• Muna Lee, U.S.
• Torri Edwards, U.S.
World champ Veronica Campbell-Brown didn't qualify.

200 meters
• Allyson Felix, U.S.
• Veronica Campbell-Brown, Jamaica
• Kerron Stewart, Jamaica
Preacher's daughter Felix is Sunday-school teacher in winter.

400 meters
• Sanya Richards, U.S.
• Novlene Williams-Mills, Jamaica
• Rosemarie Whyte, Jamaica
Richards was also born in Jamaica.

800 meters
• Pamela Jelimo, Kenya
• Janeth Jepkosgei, Kenya
• Yuliya Krevsun, Ukraine
Jelimo, 19, has run five of the year's seven fastest times.

1,500 meters
• Maryam Jamal, Bahrain
• Yelena Soboleva, Russia
• Iryna Lishchynska, Ukraine
Ethiopia-born Swiss resident Jamal could give Bahrain its first Olympicmedal.

• Yekaterina Volkova, Russia
• Gulnara Samitova-Galkina, Russia
• Eunice Jepkorir, Kenya
Volkova's husband, Artem Mostov, ran the 800 at the Sydney Olympics.

5,000 meters
• Tirunesh Dibaba, Ethiopia
• Meseret Defar, Ethiopia
• Priscah Jepleting, Kenya
Dibaba's bronze at 19 in '04 made her Ethiopia's youngest medalist.

10,000 meters
• Tirunesh Dibaba, Ethiopia
• Mestawet Tufa, Ethiopia
• Zhang Yingying, China
Dibaba's cousin Derartu Tulu won this event in '92 and '00.

• Zhou Chunxiu, China
• Gete Wami, Ethiopia
• Catherine Ndereba, Kenya
Local training gives hosts the home-smog advantage.

• Lolo Jones, U.S.
• Susanna Kallur, Sweden
• Damu Cherry, U.S.
Ex-LSU star Jones won points title as world's top indoor athlete lastwinter.

• Melaine Walker, Jamaica
• Tiffany Ross-Williams, U.S.
• Huang Xiaoxiao, China
Two-time world champion Jana Rawlinson is out after foot surgery.

4 √ó 100-meterrelay
• Jamaica
• U.S.
• Belgium
U.S. and Jamaican women have run the year's 34 fastest 100 times.

4 √ó 400-meterrelay
• U.S.
• Jamaica
• Russia
Only once (1920) has the U.S. run in an Olympic final and not won a medal.

20-km walk
• Olga Kaniskina, Russia
• Tatyana Shemyakina, Russia
• Ryta Turava, Belarus
Kaniskina's world mark at nationals wasn't ratified; no international judgeswere there.

High jump
• Blanka Vlasic, Croatia
• Ariane Friedrich, Germany
• Elena Slesarenko, Russia
Vlasic was named for the city of Casablanca.

Long jump
• Maurren Higa Maggi, Brazil
• Lyudmila Kolchanova, Russia
• Tatyana Lebedeva, Russia
Maggi is married to Formula One driver Antonio Pizzonia.

Triple jump
• Yargelis Savigne, Cuba
• Hrysopiyí Devetzí, Greece
• Olha Saladuha, Ukraine
Savigne's manager is high jump world-record holder Javier Sotomayor ofCuba.

Pole vault
• Yelena Isinbayeva, Russia
• Jenn Stuczynski, U.S.
• Monika Pyrek, Poland
Isinbayeva has set 12 world outdoor records.

Shot put
• Nadezhda Ostapchuk, Belarus
• Valerie Vili, New Zealand
• Nadine Kleinart, Germany
Ostapchuk avenged her loss to Vili at '07 worlds with a win at the IAAFfinal.

• Darya Pishchalnikova, Russia
• Nicoleta Grasu, Romania
• Yarelis Barrios, Cuba
Athens champ Natalya Sadova of Russia just returned from a steroid ban.

Hammer throw
• Aksana Miankova, Belarus
• Yipsi Moreno, Cuba
• Martina Danisovà-Hrasnovà, Slovakia
Favored in '04, Moreno fouled on four throws and settled for silver.

• Barbora Spotàkovà, Czech Republic
• Christina Obergfoll, Germany
• Osleidys Menéndez, Cuba
Spotàkovà was an All-America at Minnesota.

• Tatyana Chernova, Russia
• Hyleas Fountain, U.S.
• Lyudmila Blonska, Ukraine
Wide open after withdrawal of Sweden's dominant Carolina Klüft (who'll onlylong-jump and triple-jump).


• Javier Gómez, Spain
• Bevan Docherty, New Zealand
• Frédéric Belaubre, France
Gómez was once barred from racing because of an abnormal heart valve.

• Emma Snowsill, Australia
• Vanessa Fernandes, Portugal
• Emma Moffatt, Australia
Snowsill won '03 worlds but was left off Athens team.



• Brazil
• Russia
• Poland
Improved U.S. has a shot at a medal.

• Rogers & Dalhausser, U.S.
• Ricardo & Emanuel, Brazil
• Marcio Araujo & Fabio Luiz, Brazil
At 6'9", Phil Dalhausser has seven inches on Todd Rogers.


• Brazil
• Italy
• Russia
This would be first gold for Brazil's women's team.

• May-Treanor & Walsh, U.S.
• Tian & Wang, China
• Branagh & Youngs, U.S.
Returning champions have a 96-match winning streak.

Water polo

• Serbia
• Croatia
• Spain
Newly separated Serbia and Montenegro may win medals.

• Russia
• U.S.
• Australia
U.S. won '07 worlds then lost to Russia in World League final.



56 kg (123lbs.)
• Eko Irawan, Indonesia
• Li Zheng, China
• Hoang Anh Tuan, Vietnam
Turkish great Halil Mutlu canceled his comeback.

62 kg (136.5lbs.)
• Zhang Xiangxiang, China
• Im Yong Su, North Korea
• Oscar Figueroa, Colombia
China chose Zhang though he's No. 6 in national rankings.

69 kg (152lbs.)
• Shi Zhiyong, China
• Vencelas Dabaya, France
• Kim Chol Jin, North Korea
World champ Zhang Guozheng did not make Chinese team.

77 kg (169.5lbs.)
• Li Hongli, China
• Gevorg Davtyan, Armenia
• Oleg Perepechenov, Russia
Bulgaria's Ivan Stoitsov (box) is world champ.

85 kg (187lbs.)
• Andrei Rybakou, Belarus
• Izzet Ince, Turkey
• Valeriu Calancea, Romania
Rybakou won '07 worlds by an astounding 46 pounds.

94 kg (207lbs.)
• Roman Konstantinov, Russia
• Szymon Kolecki, Poland
• Yoandris Hernàndez, Cuba
Konstantinov beat these two rivals on final lift at '07 worlds.

105 kg (231lbs.)
• Andrei Aramnau, Belarus
• Dimitry Klokov, Russia
• Dmitry Lapikov, Russia
Allowed a total of six lifters, Russians are doubling up here.

105+ kg (231+lbs.)
• Hossein Rezazadeh, Iran
• Viktors Scerbatihs, Latvia
• Matthias Steiner, Germany
Iranian TV carried Rezazadeh's wedding live in 2003.


48 kg (105.5lbs.)
• Chen Xiexia, China
• Pramsiri Bunphithak, Thailand
• Estefania Juan, Spain
Deep China could replace Chen with Yang Lian—and still win.

53 kg (116.5lbs.)
• Nastassia Novikava, Belarus
• Yu Wei Li, Hong Kong
• Wandee Kameaim, Thailand
Limited to four women's entries, China skips this class despite having world'stwo best.

58 kg (127.5lbs.)
• Qiu Hongmei, China
• Marina Shainova, Russia
• O Jong Ae, North Korea
China might replace Qiu with '04 champ Chen Yanqing.

63 kg (138.5lbs.)
• Liu Haixia, China
• Svetlana Tsarukaeva, Russia
• Meline Daluzyan, Armenia
Liu is reigning world champion.

69 kg (152lbs.)
• Oxana Slivenko, Russia
• Liu Chunhong, China
• Nazik Avdalyan, Armenia
Slivenko won world title in 2006 at age 19.

75 kg (165lbs.)
• Nadezda Evstyukhina, Russia
• Hripsime Khursudyan, Armenia
• Lidia Valentin, Spain
Russia leaves home world-record holder Natalia Zabolotnaya.

75+ kg (165+lbs.)
• Jang Mi Ran, South Korea
• Olha Korobka, Ukraine
• Mariya Grabovetskaya, Kazakhstan

U.S.'s CherylHaworth could win her second Olympic medal.



55 kg (121lbs.)
• Besik Kudukhov, Russia
• Radoslav Velikov, Bulgaria
• Henry Cejudo, U.S.
• Andy Moreno, Cuba
Cejudo was training partner for ex-Olympian Patricia Miranda.

60 kg (132lbs.)
• Yandro Quintana Ribalta, Cuba
• Mavlet Batirov, Russia
• Anatolie Guidea, Bulgaria
• Seyed Morad Mohammadi, Iran
Quintana Ribalta gave up only one point en route to '04 gold.

66 kg (145lbs.)
• Otar Tushishvili, Georgia
• Ramazan Shahin, Turkey
• Irbek Farniev, Russia
• Geandry Garzón Caballero, Cuba
U.S.'s Doug Schwab is medal threat.

74 kg (163lbs.)
• Buvaysa Saytiev, Russia
• Ibragim Aldatov, Ukraine
• Aliasghar Bazrighaleh, Iran
• Chamsulvara Chamsulvarayev, Azerbaijan
Colorful U.S. hope Ben Askren vows to win gold.

84 kg (185lbs.)
• Georgy Ketoev, Russia
• Zaurbek Sokhiev, Uzbekistan
• Revaz Mindorashvili, Georgia
• Reza Yazdani, Iran
Ketoev replaces two-time world champ Sajid Sajidov for Russia.

96 kg (211lbs.)
• Shirvani Muradov, Russia
• George Gogshelidze, Georgia
• Saeid Abrahimi, Iran
• Daniel Cormier, U.S.
Cormier's infant daughter, Kaedyn, died in '03 car accident.

120 kg (264lbs.)
• Artur Taymazov, Uzbekistan
• Beylal Makhov, Russia
• Alexis Rodriguez, Cuba
• Vadim Tasoev, Ukraine
Taymazov won gold in Athens with a spectacular pin.


55 kg (121lbs.)
• Hamid Souryan Reihanpour, Iran
• Park Eun Chul, South Korea
• Rovshan Bayramov, Azerbaijan
• Nazyr Mankiev, Russia
Iran has won 34 medals in combat sports.

60 kg (132lbs.)
• David Bedinadze, Georgia
• Armen Nazarian, Bulgaria
• Eusebiu Diaconu, Romania
• Makoto Sasamoto, Japan
Nazarian won first of his two golds for his native Armenia.

66 kg (145lbs.)
• Farid Mansurov, Azerbaijan
• Nikolay Gergov, Bulgaria
• Kanatbek Begaliev, Kyrgyzstan
• Steeve Guenot, France
Jake Deitchler, 18, is youngest U.S. Olympic wrestler since '76.

74 kg (163lbs.)
• Mark Madsen, Denmark
• Volodimir Shatsykykh, Ukraine
• Valdemaras Venckaitis, Lithuania
• Yavor Yanakiev, Bulgaria
Only two of Denmark's 42 golds have been won in wrestling.

84 kg (185lbs.)
• Alexei Mishin, Russia
• Brad Vering, U.S.
• Nazmi Avluca, Turkey
• Saman Tahmasebi, Iran
Vering has degree in agriculture.

96 kg (211lbs.)
• Ramaz Nozadze, Georgia
• Karam Gaber, Egypt
• Ghasem Rezaei, Iran
• Marek Svec, Czech Republic
Gaber was '04 champ.

120 kg (264lbs.)
• Mijain Lopez, Cuba
• Khasan Baroev, Russia
• Dremiel Byers, U.S.
• Mihàly Deàk-Bàrdos, Hungary
Byers spent years in shadow of Olympic champ Rulon Gardner.


48 kg (105.5lbs.)
• Chiharu Icho, Japan
• Irini Merleni, Ukraine
• Carol Huynh, Canada
• Ren Xueceng, China
In '04 Merleni was first woman to win wrestling gold.

55 kg (121lbs.)
• Saori Yoshida, Japan
• Marcie Van Dusen, U.S.
• Natalia Golts, Russia
• Tonya Verbeek, Canada
Yoshida shut out Verbeek 6--0 for gold in Athens.

63 kg (138.5lbs.)
• Kaori Icho, Japan
• Xu Hai Yan, China
• Alena Kartashova, Russia
• Yelena Shalygina, Kazakhstan
Icho won '04 final in overtime.

72 kg (158.5lbs.)
• Stanka Zlateva, Bulgaria
• Kyoko Hamaguchi, Japan
• Wang Xu, China
• Olga Zhanibekova, Kazakhstan
Hamaguchi's dad was a pro wrestler known as the Animal.


Cuba, baseball

Onto the OlympicScrap Heap
Three-time gold medalist Cuba will suffer the most from baseball's exile fromthe Games after Beijing. Power-hitting third baseman Gourriel, 24, will leadhis team's final title defense; after that Cuba's marquee event will be themore daunting, major-leaguer-rich World Baseball Classic (up again in 2009).Baseball (like softball) will join a list of 12 other ex--Olympic sports—andhope the IOC reinstates it for 2016.

Projected MedalCount
The U.S. retains the overall medal crown, but China finishes first in golds—asit likely will for many Summer Games to come.

[This articlecontains a table. Please see hardcopy of magazine or PDF.]

U.S. 45 44 32 121 102 (RANK: 1)
CHINA 49 28 25 102 63 (RANK: 3)
RUSSIA 25 28 22 75 92 (RANK: 2)
AUSTRALIA 22 14 18 54 49 (RANK: T-4)
GERMANY 15 16 17 48 49 (RANK: T-4)
FRANCE 12 9 17 38 33 (RANK: 7)
GREAT BRITAIN 12 15 8 35 30 (RANK: T-9)
CUBA 11 5 13 29 27 (RANK: 11)
NETHERLANDS 7 5 16 28 23 (RANK: T-12)
ITALY 7 11 9 27 32 (RANK: 8)
JAPAN 6 8 12 26 37 (RANK: 6)

Japan, equestrian
Coming Back for More
Expected to be the Games' oldest athlete, Hoketsu, 67, is a dressage riderwhose first Olympics were in 1964 in Toyko. (He finished 40th in show jumping.)A retired health-care executive with a graduate degree from Duke, theGermany-based Hoketsu kept riding, but bad luck plagued him. Of his hopes forBeijing he says, "I'm not going to the Olympics simply to takepart."

Brazil, gymnastics

First Sick, NowSick Good
In rebounding from dengue fever, which he got when it spread through Brazil inMarch, world floor exercise champ Hypólito, 22, joins a list of Olympians backfrom medical woes. The hardest hit: Aussie sailor Elise Rechichi, 22, whoswallowed sewage-tainted bay water at the Olympic venue in Qingdao in 2006 anddropped from 110 pounds to 90 in a 10-month struggle with intestinalproblems.

Belarus, rowing

Five for theBooks
Karsten, 36, who won bronze in the quad in 1992 and two golds and a silver insingle sculls at the last three Games, could become the sixth woman to winmedals in at least five Summer Olympics. Russia's Dmitri Sautin, 34, could addto his Games-record seven diving medals. Four-time champ Giovanna Trillini, 38,of Italy could set the mark for medals by a woman fencer. And, of course,Michael Phelps is three golds shy of the record of nine held by Carl Lewis,Mark Spitz, Paavo Nurmi and gymnast Larisa Latynina.

Australia, swimming

Love andComplications
The Games' fastest duo (inset) is Rice, 20, who set 200 and 400 IM worldrecords in March, and beau Sullivan, 22, who broke the 50-free mark that month.The title might have gone to 200-free world-record holder Laure Manaudou ofFrance and 400 IM star Luca Marin of Italy, but the pair broke up in bitterfashion last year—and Marin began dating Manaudou's archrival, Italy's FedericaPellegrini.

Switzerland, tennis

Big Names Hit theCourts
Three-time Olympian Federer, who has never won a medal, could face a GrandSlam--worthy rematch with Rafael Nadal of Spain, who is playing Olympic singlesfor the first time. Also headed for the Beijing hardcourts: Russia's MariaSharapova (right), Serbia's Ana Ivanovic and the U.S.'s Venus and SerenaWilliams.

Sweden, track and field

Lord StanleyMeets the Olympics
Born not far from Nassau Coliseum, Kallur, the 2006 European 100-meter hurdleschamp, is a daughter of Anders Kallur (inset), a forward who won four StanleyCups with the New York Islanders in the 1980s. Last year Swedes voted her theircountry's top sports figure—ahead of the national hockey team.


Lifting's LatestScandal
Weightlifters were stripped of medals at Games in 2000 (three Bulgarians) and2004 (a Greek) for doping. Not much changes. In June, after 11 of its male andfemale lifters—including 2007 world champion Ivan Stoitsov (left)—testedpositive for steroids, Bulgaria withdrew its weightlifting team from theBeijing Games. Greece will send a squad even though 11 of its lifters testedpositive in March.

NOTE: As SI wentto press many countries had not yet named their Olympic rosters.


Eagle (-2)
Birdie (-1)
Bogey (+1)
Double Bogey (+2)