By 2008 Naismith award winner Elena Delle Donne (above), that she will not playcollege basketball. The 6'5" forward, who was named the top player in thecountry after averaging 30 points and 11 rebounds for Ursuline Academy inWilmington, Del., had committed to Connecticut. She arrived in Storrs in Junefor summer school but left after two days, telling ESPN that she needed a breakfor a personal situation that "is so much deeper than basketball."Delle Donne is the alltime leading scorer—for girls and boys—in Delawarehistory, despite missing 10 games last season with mononucleosis.

At age 31, Genuine Risk, the 1980 Kentucky Derby winner, one of only threefillies to win the race. She became America's Equine Sweetheart by winning the106th Derby as a 13--1 shot in 2:02, then the ninth-fastest time ever. Shefinished second controversially at the Preakness; her jockey, Jacinto Vasquez,claimed that Angel Cordero, who rode winner Codex, hit Genuine Risk in the facewith his whip on the homestretch. (After a lengthy hearing, Codex kept hiswin.) Genuine Risk retired to Newstead Farm in Virginia, where she enduredseveral difficult pregnancies as a broodmare. "People call and ask to seeher quite a bit," said Newstead manager Buck Moore in 2006. "Themajority of the people who come here are women. To them she's still reallysomething special."

A match in an over-30 league after a vintage tirade, John McEnroe (right).Facing Mal Washington in the Hall of Fame Champions Cup in Newport, R.I.,McEnroe, 49, was warned for uttering an obscenity while arguing a line call,then drew two penalties for abusing the chair official. When fans began yellingat McEnroe to resume play, he flipped them off and was immediately defaulted.McEnroe returned without incident the next day in the round-robin tournament."I don't remember exactly what happened," McEnroe said. "Now ifpeople are interested because they heard something happened, I guess it's apositive."

With Italian team Premiata Montegranaro, Shawn Kemp, whose 14-year NBA careerended in 2003. The 38-year-old, who was a six-time All-Star, ballooned to 320pounds in his final season, with the Magic. Terms of his contract were notdisclosed. "We will discover with work in the gym if he will be a keyplayer for our team," coach Alessandro Finelli said. "Now, it's toosoon to say that."

By FIFA to pay his former team $25.5 million for breaching his contract byfailing a drug test, Adrian Mutu. Chelsea bought the Romanian striker fromItalian side Parma in 2003 for a fee of $30 million. He tested positive forcocaine a year later and was banned for seven months. After Chelsea terminatedhis contract, he returned to Italy to play for Fiorentina. FIFA set the finebased on the value of his Chelsea contract. Mutu plans to appeal.

By the USC football team, an outbreak of jock itch that one player estimatedhas affected a quarter of the team. New compression shorts, which are wornunder the uniform, are being blamed. The Trojans have battled injuries allsummer; most recently, quarterback Mark Sanchez dislocated his kneecap. Theskin irritations were serious enough to keep two players, including receiverTravon Patterson, out of practice. Said Patterson, "It burns."

That he could beat Michael Phelps, Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson. OnPardon the Interruption, Johnson said, "The problem with Michael Phelps isthere's no competition where he is. Now if he came where I'm from, which is theinner city, Liberty City [in Miami], I was the three-time Charles Hadley Poolchamp.... I know a couple people who could beat Michael Phelps right now.Seriously, I'm telling you. And I'm one of them." Johnson beat a horse in afootrace in 2007, but he was given a head start.

They Said It

Milwaukee's 270-pound first baseman, on his new teammate, 290-pound pitcher CCSabathia:
"I'm like his Mini-Me."


Two Nebraska wrestlers were thrown off the team forposing naked for a porn site.