26 Guess Who?
Lance Armstrong's comeback is on track
By Austin Murphy


32 Tiger to the Rescue
The sport rides on his repaired knee
By Damon Hack


38 Ball's in His Hands
Will Boston gain home court advantage in the East? It's up to Rajon Rondo
By Ian Thomsen


42 Renegade Back On
Jason Giambi hopes to bring a much-missed jolt to Oakland's lineup
By Lee Jenkins


48 Flying Tigers
Missouri is a contender once again
By Tim Layden


52 Bobby Layne II?
Detroit takes a look at Matthew Stafford
By Peter King

The Ever Elusive, Always Inscrutable and Still Incomparable BOBBY ORR
At 60 he's been a player agent for longer than he ruled the ice. He is fiercely private and deeply loyal, and the force of his singular presence has not waned
By S.L. Price Page 56


6 Leading Off

12 Letters

14 Players
• A-Rod's crisis nonmanagement
• Academically ineligible—at 73
• Lindsay Van's Olympic dream
• HBO's new baseball series

23 Faces in the Crowd

24 Just My Type by Dan Patrick
• Marv Albert, basketball player
• NFL combine winners, losers

70 Point After by Chris Ballard
Raising a future basketball freak: my 2 ½-year-old daughter

Inside ...

66 College Basketball
• Surprise SEC women's champ?

68 Boxing
• Cotto, Pavlik bounce back

69 The NHL
• New coach revives Senators

PHOTOTODD ROSENBERG52 A GAME OF INCHES Matthew Stafford had his arms measured at the NFL combine, where the quarterback-hungry Lions studied him closely. TWO PHOTOSTONY TRIOLO PHOTOJIM MCISAAC/GETTY IMAGES