MOST OFTEN, a cover-worthy photo is the result of positioning: a sideline angle for Garo Yepremian's game-winning kick, a courtside spot for Boris Becker's triumph at the U.S. Open. But a little luck never hurts. For Mike Tyson's title fight, Manny Millan was set up on a platform behind 10 rows of ringside seats, worried that he'd miss a key moment if the fans jumped up in excitement. But during a long delay between the undercard and the main event, the group in front of Millan left for a bathroom break. Then the fight started—and Tyson dispatched Michael Spinks in 91 seconds. Those fans missed it all, but Millan got a clean shot of the knockout.

PHOTOPhotograph by MANNY MILLAN, June 27, 1988TYSON vs. SPINKS PHOTOPhotograph by HERB SCHARFMAN December 25, 1971GARO YEPREMIAN PHOTOPhotograph by JACQUELINE DUVOISIN September 10, 1989BORIS BECKER