50 | BreakoutTeams
Three resurgent programs—Oregon, Oklahoma State and Ole Miss—have what it takesto become BCS spoilers and title contenders
By Austin Murphy

59 | Heisman Watch
The top three vote-getters return, and long shots are bound to move intocontention. Follow the games that will determine the winner
By Albert Chen

66 | Forecast
Breakdowns of the Top 20, analysis of each BCS conference and predictions forthe bowl matchups

100 | ACC

102 | BigEast

104 | Big Ten

106 | Big 12

109 | Pac-10

110 | SEC

112 | TheRest

114 | Rankings1--120


6 Leading Off

16 Letters

20 Scorecard
The bromance of Roger and Tiger

29 Faces in theCrowd

30 Just MyType
Brian Urlacher likes his new QB. Really
by Dan Patrick

32 Inside ...
• Baseball
Boston's hard call
• Golf
Woods wins again
Heat's on Kyle Busch
• Hockey
Team USA's old man
• The NBA
Retooling the Rockets
• The NFL
Why teammates fight

116 The Vault
• Miracle milers

120 PointAfter
Hey, ump, just make the call. Please!
by Phil Taylor

Kevin Youkilisand the Red Sox are coming up short (page 33).

THE COVERS: Forthe college football preview, SI has put out four regional covers

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