Coach Paterno says, "I don't know why, God, but you've been good to me." I wonder how many of his former players think the same thing every night?

Don Rindfuss, Jamesville, N.Y.

As a high school social studies teacher and a varsity soccer coach, I was moved by your story on Joe Paterno (Top of the World, Pa!, Oct. 26). He demonstrates how a true educator must always be conscious of the impact he has on young minds. When my day comes and I am no longer on earth, my hope is that a former student or player will walk up to my son and tell him about the positive impact I had on his life. When that day arrives for Coach Paterno, there will be a very long line.

Thomas M. Lockhart Jr.

La Mesa, Calif.

Molte grazie for the Paterno story. I have been a fan of Penn State since the 1970s. And it hasn't been easy rooting for the Nittany Lions for the last two years here in Hawkeyes country. To this orphaned Italian-American male, he's like a father figure—even if I am 51 years old!

Tom Sacco, Des Moines

While it is difficult to argue with the proposition that Paterno has been a good role model, I struggle with the contradiction of a man who is supposedly so generous yet refuses to share the wealth. How many aspiring Penn State head coaches have been deprived of their opportunity because Joe's 43-year tenure has blocked their way?

Sanford Rubin, Rochester, N.Y.

NBA Preview

Winning NBA titles is all about defense. SI picked the Celtics to win the NBA title (Scouting Reports, Oct. 26), but what Ron Artest brings to the Lakers all but guarantees them a repeat championship. The key to winning a title this year is stopping great small forwards he will cover: Carmelo Anthony and Richard Jefferson in the West, and Paul Pierce, LeBron James and Vince Carter in the East.

Clyde W. Froehlich

Davis, Calif.

Basketball instructor Idan Ravin is successful at what he does (The Hoops Whisperer, Oct. 26) because he is an intuitive teacher. He made the simple yet elegant statement, "And it's not incumbent on them to understand me; it's up to me to understand them." Were that the mantra of every teacher and coach, we'd be better serving our students.

Ken Wallace, Park Ridge, Ill.

Ravin can serenade LeBron James all he wishes in comparing James's talent with Kobe Bryant's. The fact is, if both players were six inches shorter, Kobe would still be a world-class player and LeBron would be on Jay-Z's security detail.

Dave Childers, Dubois, Ind.

Brett's Path to Purple

There is no doubt that Brett Favre can still play the game (Forty and Flingin', Oct. 26). But there can also be no denying that he engineered his own free agency—something a lot of players would love to do to get on a championship-caliber team such as Minnesota. He is a great player but a very spoiled sport.

Joey Monzo

Las Cruces, N.Mex.

Best of Chicago

Thank you for the article on Jonathan Toews (Captain Serious, Oct. 26). Having this 21-year-old as the team's captain almost makes the lifetime of misery that comes with being a Blackhawks fan worth it.

Jason Holter, Holmen, Wis.

Rush Week

If Bill Maher or Keith Olbermann wanted to join a group to purchase the St. Louis Rams, would there be an outcry as there was against Rush Limbaugh (POINT AFTER, Oct. 26)? I don't think so. What this really boils down to is color—not black or white, but blue or red.

Tim West, Lakeland, Fla.

So Selena Roberts is concerned that NFL players didn't oppose Limbaugh's ownership bid because they're cowed. Maybe they just see Rush as he truly is: a decent man who loves the NFL and would have been a huge asset to the league.

Rick Hardy, Augusta

Roberts characterized commissioner Roger Goodell as someone "who controls the rights" of the poor NFL players by embracing the "roles of judge and jury." I wish that David Stern and Bud Selig had Goodell's cojones.

Margaret Lista

Atlantic Highlands, N.J.

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