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1 I think Aaron Rodgers(below) has a problem when it comes to taking sacks, and it cost the Packers dearly in their 38--28 loss to the Bucs on Sunday. He has been sacked 37 times in eight games. I'm not absolving a porous line, but coach Mike McCarthy has to get it into Rodgers's head that when the rush is closing in, he needs to throw the ball away.

2 I think I never thought Bears coach Lovie Smith was in any real trouble until now. But I can't believe this is the defense he's calling plays for—one that gave up five touchdown passes to the Cardinals' Kurt Warner on Sunday and 45 points to the Bengals two weeks earlier.

3 I think I told Lions rookie quarterback Matt Stafford to take more chances throwing the ball downfield, but he shouldn't be as reckless as he was against the Seahawks on Sunday, when he was picked off five times in a 32--20 loss.