PHOTOPhotograph by David E. KluthoBLOCK BUSTER A red river of Sooners, including Tony Jefferson (1), Jamarkus McFarland (97), Ronnell Lewis (56) and Corey Nelson (7), overflowed the Texas line, but the Oklahomans were unable to get their hands on Justin Tucker's successful first-quarter field goal attempt in the annual showdown between the two Big 12 rivals, won by OU 55--17. PHOTOPhotograph by Marc Serota/Getty ImagesFROGGIE WENT A-COURTIN' TROUBLE An amphibious trespasser steps on it before the cleated left foot of Honduran striker Carlo Costly can step on him during a friendly with the U.S. last Saturday in Miami Gardens. The croaker escaped a more Costly encounter; so too did the Yanks, who were 1--0 winners. PHOTOPhotograph by Heinz KluetmeierJET BEHIND THE EARS Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is in just his second NFL season, but he knows the drill when he wades into the middle of the field. In addition to being stripped of his helmet by Jets linebacker David Harris on this first-quarter pass, Hernandez lost the ball. New England, however, recovered and went on to a 30--21 victory.