1. I think if you're Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum—and you watched the misfirings of QB Mark Sanchez on Sunday night against the Patriots—you had to think, We're not going to beat New England consistently with this guy playing Tom Brady twice a year.

2. I think you're delusional if you don't think that the Browns have every one of the possible first-round QBs for the 2012 draft under a microscope this fall. Colt McCoy had to grab the QB job by the throat this season, and his performance through nine games deserves a D grade.

3. I think Oakland will win the AFC West, maybe at 8--8. Carson Palmer gives the Raiders the big arm that they haven't had in years, and the young O-line is starting to deliver the goods. Stefen Wisniewski, the rookie guard-center, is a bulldog and a terrific hustle player.