1. I think Week 12 was very, very bad for the future of two coaches: Norv Turner (the Chargers lost their sixth in a row, to Denver at home) and Steve Spagnuolo (the Rams lost to the 4--7 Cardinals for the second time). Can't see either keeping his job.

2. I think more and more teams with quarterback needs are praying Matt Barkley enters the 2012 draft instead of returning for his last year at USC. Scouts love his decision-making and maturity—and think his arm's passable.

3. I think it's ridiculously premature for such a comparison, but I'm just passing along what I've heard from two general managers in the last month: Broncos rookie linebacker Von Miller, with his mix of speed- and power-rushes, reminds them of Lawrence Taylor. Interesting: They were drafted No. 2 exactly 30 years apart, Taylor in 1981, Miller in 2011.