The Houston defensive end has 9½ sacks and eight passes defensed, and he was AFC Defensive Player of the Month in September.

DAN PATRICK:Do you ever have conversations with quarterbacks during games?

J.J. WATT: I don't talk too much on the field—a little bit here and there if someone tries to provoke me. I try to let my play do the talking.

DP:How does someone provoke you?

JW: You do something dirty, you do something late or you talk to me first.

DP:When's the last time someone provoked you?

JW: Against Tennessee a guy ripped my helmet off. I wasn't too pleased with that.

DP:What happened?

JW: I got two sacks in the game. It worked out well for us.

DP:Have you ever apologized for a hard hit?

JW: No, not unless it's illegal. I'm not going to apologize for playing the game.

DP:When was the last time someone called you Justin?

JW: [Laughs.] Probably my mom. She was probably mad at me. I haven't heard it in a while.

DP:Does she go with your full name, Justin James Watt, if she's really mad?

JW: If I hear Justin James, I'm going to leave the house.

DP:How long have you been J.J.?

JW: Ever since I remember. [I have brothers], D.J. and my youngest brother, T.J. It makes it tough on my grandpa. He gets the names confused a lot.

DP:Why did you leave Central Michigan after your sophomore year to deliver pizzas?

JW: I was playing tight end. I was a starter. I caught only eight passes. You're not going to make it to the NFL catching eight passes. There was talk of moving me to offensive tackle. I took a gamble. Either it was going to work out or it was going to fail. My parents had confidence in me. I had confidence in myself. It all worked out extremely well.

DP:Will you ever get in at tight end? Maybe at the goal line?

JW: I wish. That's not in the plans right now.

DP:Could you have been another Rob Gronkowski?

JW: I guess. [With] a little bit less partying, I suppose.

DP:The best team in the NFL right now is ... ?

JW: The Houston Texans.

DP:And the second best team is ... ?

JW: I think the Atlanta Falcons are playing well. They have a good squad, and Matt Ryan is playing extremely good football.

DP:Are you friendly with one of your rivals for the sack lead, the Packers' Clay Matthews?

JW: I really don't know him off the field. I obviously have a lot of respect for his game.

DP:Would your mother let you grow your hair like that?

JW: I bet she'd like it, but it takes so much time. Then you have to go through the ugly phase, from short hair to long hair, the in-between phase where nobody looks good. I don't think I could do it.

DP:Have you ever had a mullet?

JW: Yes. When I was really young. There are pictures of me when I was three or four years old with a mullet. It's not a look I'm going back to anytime soon.

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When I [first arrived], there were only three things left in a very barren office—three national championship trophies. I think our athletic director left them here on purpose to make sure I understood the expectation level."

—WILL MUSCHAMP, second-year Florida football coach



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