1 I think we've passed the logical time for replacing Mark Sanchez, who's a shadow of the QB who led the Jets deep into the playoffs in the 2009 and '10 seasons. His confidence? Shot. And Rex Ryan clearly has no faith in Tim Tebow as a regular. Which means that once the Jets lose on Sunday at St. Louis and give up any remotely realistic hope of playoff contention, they need to start the most accurate passer on their roster: third-stringer Greg McElroy.

2 I think if I want a free-agent receiver in 2013, I'm going all-in on Danny Amendola, the 27-year-old vital target of Sam Bradford in St. Louis. He's Wes Welker, only more physical.

3 I think the AFC's hidden playoff contender down the stretch is 4--5 Cincinnati. The Bengals swarmed Eli Manning in a beatdown on Sunday, and they have a very manageable next five weeks: at Chiefs, Raiders, at Chargers, Cowboys, at Eagles. If Andy Dalton doesn't turn it over, the Bengals could be 8--6 and a prime contender for the sixth playoff seed in late December.