1 I think one of the things that excites NFL execs about Oregon's Chip Kelly possibly migrating to the NFL is his ability to make chicken salad out of chicken feathers. His Ducks have never had the best recruiting classes but have always won. To an owner with mediocre talent (Cleveland's Jimmy Haslam, Jacksonville's Shahid Khan), Kelly's make-do-with-less philosophy has to be appealing.

2 I think, as one of 50 voters for the AP's postseason awards, I've begun to seriously consider splitting my Coach of the Year vote between Chuck Pagano, the leukemia-stricken coach, and Bruce Arians, his interim replacement with the 6--4 Colts.

3 I think the reason the Saints are so dangerous right now is that players are finally grasping first-year defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo's system. Remember Spagnuolo's rookie year with the Giants, in 2007? Strafed early; grew confident by midseason; Super Bowl champs late.

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