The peripatetic shooting guard—the Clippers are his sixth team—has found a home in L.A. He's averaging 16.5 points per game, helping the Clippers to their first division title in franchise history.

DAN PATRICK:Did you wear your Michigan uniform when you watched the national title game?

JAMAL CRAWFORD: I would have, but it got stolen. All three of my uniforms. When I decided I was going to the NBA, they were stolen, and they haven't reappeared.

DP:What impact did the Fab Five have on you?

JC: They're the reason I went to Michigan. I wore the baggy shorts, the black socks and the black Charles Barkley shoes. Those guys got me, a kid from Seattle, all the way across the country.

DP:What is Trey Burke's NBA future?

JC: Very bright. There's only one Chris Paul, but I see a lot of Chris's tendencies in him. I love his game.

DP:What's the value of having you on the bench?

JC: It gives us good balance. Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and I are the top three scorers. When those two come out, they have confidence in the second unit.

DP:How many head coaches have you had?

JC: Sixteen in 13 years.

DP:That's ridiculous.

JC: I've only played for the same coach in back-to-back years one time in the NBA and one time in high school.

DP:Can you name all your NBA coaches?

JC: Tim Floyd. Bill Cartwright. Bill Berry. [Here Crawford forgot Pete Myers, who coached him for two games.] Scott Skiles. Lenny Wilkens. Herb Williams. Larry Brown. Isiah Thomas. Mike D'Antoni. Don Nelson. Mike Woodson. Larry Drew. Nate McMillan. Kaleb Canales. And Vinny Del Negro.

DP:I can't imagine that's easy.

JC: Some guys play for one coach, maybe two or three. Your game flourishes because of that. With different coaches, they want you to start, come off the bench, be aggressive, be a facilitator. It always changes.

DP:Does it bother you that the Lakers get more attention than the Clippers, even though you won the division?

JC: It doesn't matter. If they play well, they get the headlines. If they don't, they get the headlines. We won 17 in a row. It was talked about a little bit. But then the Lakers won three or four, and everyone was like, Here we go, they're rolling. They've earned it with the history they have. We're trying to make our own history.

DP:What will be considered a great year for the Clippers?

JC: Ultimately we'll be judged by the playoffs. Getting to the conference finals and then winning an NBA championship is what it's about.

DP:Your reaction when DeAndre Jordan threw down that dunk on Detroit's Brandon Knight?

JC: I was on the bench. Matt Barnes ran down to the other end of the court and started doing jumping jacks. Blake Griffin is running circles next to me. I'm grabbing my head like I don't believe what I just saw. Give Brandon Knight credit for making the right defensive play. It was like DeAndre didn't see him because he was so high up.

"They're still messing it up. Even at the combine, I went up to the table to make sure the guy was announcing my name correctly. Good thing I did, because he didn't. It's an ongoing battle."

—RYAN NASSIB (NASS-ihb), former Syracuse QB, on frequent mispronunciations of his name



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