The Florida State quarterback—who was picked 16th by the Bills—was the only signal-caller taken in the first round of last week's NFL draft.

DAN PATRICK:How surprised were you to be the first quarterback taken?

EJ MANUEL: I really wasn't surprised. When I saw the Bills trade down from No. 8 to No. 16, I thought they were going to take a quarterback and I was hoping it was me.

DP:Did you tell your friends not to call you during the first round?

EM: I didn't have to. Everybody understood the situation. It's funny, at the third pick someone called my hotline phone looking for [Oregon defensive end] Dion [Jordan]. I got excited because I heard it ring.

DP:You thought the call was for you?

EM: Someone said, "Congratulations, buddy." I was like, "Thanks, I appreciate it. Who is this?" They said, "Is this Dion?" I said, "No, sir," and he hung up. That was kind of rough.

DP:How was the mood in the greenroom?

EM: It was good. I'm sure my parents were more anxious than I was. I knew if [the Bills] didn't go quarterback, there was a chance I'd go the next day.

DP:How painful was sitting through the first round for Geno Smith?

EM: Teams that we thought were going to take quarterbacks early—like Philly, the Browns, the Jets—didn't. That's just the craziness of the draft. I feel for Geno. It could be either one of us [who fell].

DP:If you weren't picked in the first round, would you have stayed for Day 2 of the draft?

EM: I would have. I would have seen it as just another night in New York City. I'd rather be in New York than at the house in Virginia Beach. I wanted to walk across that stage and shake Mr. Goodell's hand too.

DP:I heard an analyst say you had slow eyes on draft night. Is that true?

EM:[Laughs.] I don't know. I haven't heard that one yet. Hopefully my eyes will quicken up.

DP:Which quarterbacks have you been compared with?

EM: I compare myself to Ben Roethlisberger and Colin Kaepernick. Jon Gruden compared me to Daunte Culpepper. I've been compared to numerous guys who have throwing and running ability.

DP:Who'd you grow up rooting for?

EM: I've always been a big fan of Donovan McNabb. I've also looked up to Charlie Ward, who was a big mentor to me at Florida State.

DP:Do you expect to start in Buffalo?

EM: I'm expecting to go in and compete. I expect to learn from [offensive coordinator Nathaniel] Hackett and [coach Doug] Marrone, and quarterbacks Kevin Kolb and Tarvaris Jackson.

DP:Your mom underwent breast cancer treatment last year and is now cancer-free. I hope she enjoyed being at the draft.

EM: She appreciates everyone sending her their best wishes. I know she was extremely excited to be there. She missed a few games because of treatment, but she was there last night.

"A six-year, $108 million deal for a guy with one playoff win? You [judge] a quarterback on wins and losses. I thought he would get a deal ... but to have him be the fifth-highest-paid quarterback is wowing to me."

—DONOVAN MCNABB, former Eagles QB, on the contract the Cowboys gave Tony Romo



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