Among the Tour players I've spoken to it's pretty obvious that Vijay Singh's lawsuit against the PGA Tour isn't sitting well. Most think he's biting the hand that feeds him and that commissioner Tim Finchem did a great job keeping everything quiet to protect Vijay (below), who admitted to using deer-antler spray, a then-banned substance. The players I know supported the Tour's initial 90-day suspension of Vijay, which was not announced publicly. They appreciated that the Tour recognized that Vijay broke a rule and punished him for it, as our bylaws require, even though the suspension was waived when the substance was removed from the banned list. Too bad it didn't all end there.... Some recent major winners disappeared because they were surprised they won, which raised their expectations and persuaded them to change their swings to play at a higher level. Adam Scott always expected to win a major, and that's why I don't expect him to break stride. He'll win more majors.... I'm surprised the USGA and the R&A haven't made the anchored-putting ban official. I was expecting an announcement the day after the 90-day discussion period ended, on Feb. 28. The delay tells me the rule makers are struggling over how to implement the ban without having their authority and credibility undermined by opposition from the PGA Tour and the PGA of America. I believe the ban should take effect next year. Waiting until 2016 will cast a negative light on any winners who use anchored putters during the lame-duck period. That's not fair to those players.