PHOTOPHOTOGRAPH BY JOHN W. MCDONOUGH SPORTS ILLUSTRATEDThe Twilight Zone The sun was setting on Kyle Field as well as on the Aggies' national title hopes last Saturday when Johnny Manziel, on his 31st pass attempt, arced this divine throw from his end zone into the expectant arms of receiver Mike Evans for a 95-yard touchdown that pulled Texas A&M within seven points of Alabama. A year ago Manziel made his legend in the Aggies' upset of the Tide; on Saturday he enhanced it, even in defeat (page 29). PHOTODAVID J. PHILLIP AP[See caption above] PHOTOPHOTOGRAPH BY ROBERT BECK SPORTS ILLUSTRATEDThe Jaw Of Defeat What is the best we can say about Saul (Canelo) Alvarez's performance last Saturday night in Vegas? Guy can take a punch: According to SHOSTATS, he absorbed 232 (while landing only 117) from Floyd Mayweather in their super welterweight title fight at MGM Grand. Alvarez, 13 years his opponent's junior, went the distance too, but the outcome was never in doubt for Mayweather, who put on a clinic while boosting his record to 45--0. SEVENTEEN PHOTOSThe Camera At Its Most Candid This week, unveils the franchise's 100 Funniest Photos shot by its own photographers. What were we reminded of? Mark Cuban never should have broken up Dirk and Steve (3), the '80s were awesome (10) and the '70s were even better (14). The index: 1 Alexi Lalas (1994) BOB MARTIN FOR SI 2 San Diego Chicken (1982) ANDY HAYT/SI 3 Dallas Mavericks (2001) JEFFREY LOWE FOR SI 4 Michael Phelps (2005) HEINZ KLUETMEIER/SI 5 Earl Boykins (1997) PETER READ MILLER/SI 6 Wade Boggs (1986) RONALD C. MODRA FOR SI 7 Barber Twins (2001) MANUELLO PAGANELLI FOR SI 8 Lee Trevino (1981) WALTER IOOSS JR./SI 9 Barry Switzer (1994) LYNN JOHNSON FOR SI 10 Wayne Gretzky (1981) PAUL KENNEDY FOR SI 11 Jim Brown and Ricky Williams (1999) WALTER IOOSS JR./SI 12 John Thompson, Patrick Ewing and President Reagan (1984) LANE STEWART/SI 13 Dick Vitale (1994) BILL FRAKES/SI 14 Bill Lee (1978) HEINZ KLUETMEIER/SI 15 Nate Newton (1995) BILL FRAKES/SI 16 Bill Caudill (1985) CHUCK SOLOMON FOR SI 17 Larry Bird (1977) LANE STEWART/SI


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Eagle (-2)
Birdie (-1)
Bogey (+1)
Double Bogey (+2)