Just My Type

Dec. 16, 2013
Dec. 16, 2013

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Dec. 16, 2013

Just My Type

By Interview by Ron Burgundy


This is an article from the Dec. 16, 2013 issue


The sports-talk-show host, who had a bitter ratings war with Burgundy in the 1990s, let the San Diego broadcaster interview him before the release of Anchorman 2. The exchange proved illuminating for both.

RON BURGUNDY:I understand you began your life as a child of hippie parents in the mountains of Southern Ohio. What was that like?

DAN PATRICK: I don't know if they were hippie parents, but it was in southern Ohio.

RB:They liked to smoke the funny cigarettes?

DP: No, they did not. Not that I was aware of.

RB:Your parents were Carol and Stewart?

DP: Close. Jack and Patty.

RB:What was that like in the house of Jack and Patty?

DP: It was kind of like The Waltons. Emotional. Leaning on your brothers and sisters.

RB:You were the John-Boy?

DP: Yes.

RB:Played by?

DP: Uhh.

RB:The guy with the mole on his face. I understand you excelled in lonely sports like lawn darts and cup stacking.

DP: Yes.

RB:What were you like in school?

DP: I was voted class clown.

RB:You were a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University?

DP: No, I transferred to Dayton.

RB:What happened there?

DP: I went to play basketball. I didn't get along with the coach.

RB:Shooting guard?

DP: Yes.

RB:No D?

DP: No.

RB:When you were at ESPN you were found passed out in an alley in Memphis, and they brought you in to host SportsCenter. Is that correct?

DP: That's not true.

RB:Is it true Chris Berman once got mad at you because you stole a story and in a rage he sat on you for an hour?

DP: That's not true. He never did that.

RB:You began as an FM deejay in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

DP: In Ohio.

RB:What happened there?

DP: I realized vinyl wasn't going to last.

RB:So you jumped to sports because you used to play ball.

DP: Yes, I decided to parlay that into a broadcasting career.

RB:If my records are correct, you were the first person ever to host a sports radio show in a field traditionally dominated by women. You're a pioneer. How does it feel?

DP: No, I'm not. No.

RB:You're the Neil Armstrong of sports broadcasting.

DP: Wasn't there a Chicago Bears coach named Neil Armstrong?

RB:No, no, no. The cyclist Neil Armstrong.

DP: No.

RB:Did you actually cover Georgia Tech women's basketball?

DP: No.

RB:Because I did. Unofficially.

DP: I'm not sure we're learning anything here.

RB:Pretty good interview. Thank you.

DP: Well done.

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