Seattle's QB has endeared himself to the NFL's loudest fans by being named to the Pro Bowl in each of his first two years and leading the Seahawks to the No. 1 seed in this season's NFC playoffs, where they will face the Saints on Saturday.

DAN PATRICK:I saw you posing with Macklemore after a concert the other day. How was it?

RUSSELL WILSON: It was great. He's from Seattle. A lot of energy in [KeyArena].

DP:Who's more famous in Seattle, you or Macklemore?

RW: Macklemore, by a long shot. He's got way more [Twitter] followers than I do.

DP:If you win a Super Bowl?

RW:[Laughs.] We'll see.

DP:What did you get your linemen for Christmas?

RW: I got them all Xbox Ones.

DP:What did they get you?

RW: They got me protection and a whole bunch of wins. So that works.

DP:What did Pete Carroll get you?

RW: Pete didn't get me anything. He's kind of like the Grinch around Christmastime. [Laughs.]

DP:When you look at the numbers Peyton Manning put up this year, what does that mean to you?

RW: I want to be like him one day. I'm similar to him in how much I love the game. I'm a lot further away in terms of the mental side. I'm trying to get to where he is.

DP:When did you first realize the impact of your home field advantage?

RW: We were playing our first preseason game at home, and I realized how great the fans were right from the get-go. I was like, Man, this is preseason?

DP:Does your voice ever crack at the line?

RW: I always try to speak in a higher pitch when I'm playing on the road. My voice inflection goes up a little bit. They can hear the high octaves. That's a little secret right there.

DP:When you visited the Giants, did you take mental notes in case you're back at MetLife Stadium for the Super Bowl?

RW: I always do that no matter where I'm playing. I'm very big into visualization, into seeing the clock and understanding where things are. Especially on the road, because everything is a little bit different.

DP:Do you think you've changed perceptions about shorter quarterbacks?

RW: It's all the guys before me. You think about Fran Tarkenton, Doug Flutie, Michael Vick, Drew Brees.

DP:Yeah, but you're different from most of those guys. You can be effective in the pocket, like Brees, and you can keep plays alive with your feet.

RW: My job is throwing the ball to the right guy at the right time, but also salvaging a play when it's not there. I don't believe my height defines my skill set.

DP:Just to let you know, the Seahawks are my Super Bowl pick. Can I pencil you guys in?

RW: Sounds like a plan to me. We got a lot of work to do.


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