I loved Seth Davis's book excerpt about John Wooden and Lew Alcindor. Nurturing Alcindor into becoming one of the greatest college basketball players to ever play the game, as well as an astute renaissance man, may have been Wooden's biggest accomplishment. Still, the look on his face when he first saw the 7-foot Alcindor in his African dignity robe must have been priceless.

Stuart Hartman, Erie, Colo.

The Graduate

What an outstanding photo of Alcindor towering over everyone at UCLA's 1969 graduation (The Wizard and the Giant). Others can say what they want about him and his ideology, but I'll always respect Alcindor for staying in school long enough to earn a degree in history, and for wearing a collared shirt and tie to the ceremony.

Michael Wojcik, Marion, Iowa

Snub Hub

It's a shame you neglected to mention in your college football championship coverage that North Dakota State won its third consecutive FCS national title with a 35--7 victory over Towson, the Bison's 24th win in a row.

Richard Ole Ellingson West Fargo, N.D.

How does University of Central Florida quarterback Blake Bortles not get mentioned alongside Teddy Bridgewater and Johnny Manziel in your Bowl Season's Best QB list? Bortles threw for 301 yards and three touchdowns and also ran for 93 yards and a TD in a 52--42 win over Baylor in the Fiesta Bowl, leading the Knights to their first BCS win and their first top 10 ranking.

Ryan Callaghan, Orlando

Knowing Moreno

Your excellent article on Knowshon Moreno (There's a Story Behind Knowshon Moreno's Tears) was missing one small detail. Moreno's Atlantic Highlands Pop Warner team included the Colts' leading rusher, Donald Brown. What are the odds?

Pat Wallace, Little Silver, N.J.

Height Restrictions

In your case for the Seahawks (SCORECARD) you mention that "the NFL is a pocket passing league, and a pocket passer must be able to see over the line." The truth is, most quarterbacks in the league will never be able to see over the line consistently, as the average height of an NFL offensive lineman is 6'5", while the average height for QBs is 6'3".

Lance Wing, Franklin, Tenn.

Check out the offensive holding going on in the background of Florida State wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin's winning catch. Makes you wonder if Auburn would have been victorious if that call had been made.

Judy Brazeal Fayette, Ala.




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Bill Belichick called Wes Welker's pick play on Aqib Talib "one of the worst plays I've seen." Do you agree?

Diego Darío Nah. It was a perfectly legal play that tried to get some space for the receiver.

Nick Benallo Payback for the earlier hit Patriots WR Julian Edelman put on the Broncos' Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. What is Belichick saying about that?

Stewart Pelegan Oh, I'm sure Belichick would have said the same thing if Welker were still wearing a Patriots jersey. NOT.


So Russell [Wilson] is a class act! [Richard] Sherman on the other hand.... If he played baseball, [he] would get a high and tight fastball.

Justin Verlander (@JustinVerlander)

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