HOT: Sisterly Love

After her twin, Lanny, got sick and had a subpar finish in the event that set the U.S. biathlon team, Tracy Barnes (above) gave up her spot, sending Lanny to Sochi.

HOT: Jay-Z

The Roc Nation Sports agency took on another client: CC Sabathia, who will be able to sign a new deal in 2017. Of course, unless he improves on last year's 4.78 ERA, he could become Hova's 100th problem.

HOT: LeBroning

Watch where you step: 2014's answer to Tebowing has youths all over the land flopping to the ground.

NOT: Bad Buckeyes

OSU's 15--0 start? Nice. Three L's in a row in conference play—not so much.

NOT: Target

Rough week. Not only did lewd details emerge of Kellen Winslow Jr.'s synthetic pot bust in a store parking lot, but it was revealed that Jim Harbaugh buys his khakis at archrival Walmart.