HOT: Frank Kaminsky

Wisconsin peaked at No. 3, then plummeted out of the rankings. The 7-footer has helped the Badgers claw back, with 35 points in wins over Michigan State (No. 9) and Michigan (15).

HOT: Bob Costas

Even when he was sidelined with that eye thing, he was the talk of the Olympics. On Monday, the talk was of his return.

HOT: Kyrie Irving

His Cavs are eyeing a playoff spot after winning four straight, and he was MVP with 31 points at Sunday's All-Star Game ...

NOT: Dunkers

... which makes one fun event in New Orleans. The dunk contest? Oof. The revamped affair ended abruptly with John Wall the winner, leading Roy Hibbert to tweet, "Is that it?"

NOT: Roger Goodell

It was revealed last week that the NFL commish made $44.2 million in 2012. Sure, but would you want to deal with the Wells Report fallout?