The junior quarterback from Central Florida embraced every aspect of the NFL combine—including questions from teams about his model girlfriend. Bortles, a projected top 10 pick, ran a 4.93 40 (ninth among QBs) and had a vertical jump of 32½ inches (fourth).

DAN PATRICK:Strangest question at the combine?

BLAKE BORTLES: Nothing was really that bad. I got a couple of girlfriend questions. But besides that, it was all pretty normal.

DP:What did they ask about your girlfriend, Lindsey Duke?

BB: If we come to town, will she be there for dinner? Stuff like that.

DP:They obviously knew about her.

BB: They knew going into the meeting. That was their angle—to see how I reacted to it.

DP:Did anyone warn you that this would be a topic?

BB: No, I had no idea. [But] it was stuff I had heard before.

DP:Why did you do everything at the combine?

BB: It's an opportunity to make a first impression on 32 teams. Why wait until pro day? I grew up watching the combine and dreaming of competing in it.

DP:What do you do better than Johnny Manziel?

BB: I can't name things he can do. I can just tell you what I can do. As a quarterback, being 6'5", 235 pounds, being able to stand in the pocket, extend plays...

DP:How big was the Fiesta Bowl victory over Baylor in establishing Central Florida as legit?

BB: It was huge to be able to end the season with a win like that, in a game that nobody gave us a shot in.

DP:What was the biggest school that recruited you?

BB: Probably Purdue, but it was to play tight end.

DP:Did other schools ask you to move positions?

BB: Just Tulane.

DP:Do you think you could make it in the NFL as a tight end?

BB: I doubt it.


BB: I've never played the position in my life, for even one down.

DP:Favorite team growing up?

BB: The Packers.

DP:Would you have a problem playing for the Bears?

BB: I don't have a problem playing for any team in that division. [The Packers are] who my dad likes. That's who I grew up watching every Sunday. But I would love to play for any team in the NFL.

DP:Are you going to the draft?

BB: Not sure yet. Don't know if I'm going to be invited.

DP:Oh, come on. You're going to get invited.

BB: I'll figure that out when it becomes official.

DP:Will you bring your girlfriend?

BB: I will bring her. You want to get dinner?

DP:But you know the camera will find her in the green room. What will she do if you drop?

BB: Maybe we can put her in the stands and bring her in after I get drafted.

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