A former boxer, the 77-year-old Republican Senator from Arizona is a huge sports fan. He took great pride in cheering for Cardinals safety Pat Tillman, who, as an Army Ranger, was killed in 2004 by friendly fire.

DAN PATRICK:Were you an athlete growing up?

JOHN MCCAIN: I played them all, but not very well. I was on the wrestling team at the Naval Academy. I was pinned in some of the nicest gyms in the East. I boxed Golden Gloves. I was defeated on several occasions.

DP:So you were a fighter?

JM: It helped when I was in prison that I had taken a few punches.

DP:You were a prisoner of war for 5½ years. Describe the conditions.

JM: Very rough most of the time. I was in solitary confinement for nearly three years.

DP:No communication at all?

JM: We tapped to each other on the wall using a simple tap code. You can tap almost as fast as you can talk. What was a big topic? Sports. The guy next to me, his favorite athlete was Stan Musial. Ted Williams was mine. [When] new prisoners came, the first thing we wanted to know was who won the Super Bowl.

DP:Do you think Pat Tillman belongs in the Hall of Fame?

JM: I think it'd be a suitable honor. It's one of these stories that makes you proud and sad. Some of us questioned the depiction of what happened to him early on.

DP:Why didn't we get answers?

JM: They covered it up.


JM: It was an embarrassment, propaganda. But his legacy goes on.

DP:What do you think of what happened with Donald Sterling?

JM: Unacceptable. Racist. I'm glad [the NBA banned him]. End of story.

DP:Do you think the NBA's action could spur the NFL to act on Redskins owner Daniel Snyder for not changing his team's name?

JM: I'm not sure I connect the two. If I were him, I would sit down with Native American leaders. If they think it's offensive and terrible ... frankly, I would change the name.

DP:What role does government play in sports?

JM: As little as possible. But when it comes to the use of PEDs, I think the federal government has to be involved. When I was playing linebacker in high school, if some guy had come up to me and said, "Take this and you can play in the NFL," I would have said, "Where do I take it? Give it to me."

DP:Do you have a fantasy football team?

JM: Some of us [senators] do.... The day [receiver] Anquan Boldin left the Cardinals was the worst. Then teams could focus on Larry Fitzgerald.

DP:Couldn't you have stepped in as senator?

JM: Absolutely. Because I am an expert. I don't know why I didn't think of that.

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