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Where do you think 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh will be next season?

Geof Hay I hope he goes to Michigan, but I can see him going to another NFL team that needs a coach. Either way, his time with San Francisco is up.

Bob Johnson Wherever he wants to be. Like him or not, he is an elite coach and can write his own ticket. Having said that, Go Blue!

Dicky Bobby Perez He's a proven NFL head coach. Why would he go back to college?

Nick Gazella He'll be with the Raiders. No way in hell does he go back to coaching college football, especially not at a sinking ship like the University of Michigan.

Chester Richie An anger management class.

Daniel Travaglia Dolphins, where he should have been all along.

David Russ Oakland or maybe Minnesota, but I don't see him going back to college.

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Rob Lowe@RobLowe

LMAO Kevin Love made a full court pass and the announcer compared him to [Browns QB] Brian Hoyer.

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If Roger Goodell is worth $44M a year to the NFL and its owners, what is Adam Silver worth to the NBA and its owners? Double or triple?

Michael McCann@McCannSportsLaw

I assume Geno Smith [was late because he] saw Gone Girl. Nobody expected that movie to be nearly three hours long.

Joe Kuchie@jkuchie