The All-Star power forward lifted the Trail Blazers to an 18--6 start—fourth best in the West—averaging 22.2 points and 10.0 rebounds. A free agent after this season, Aldridge has only Portand (and its climate) on his mind.

DAN PATRICK:Have you ever been on [team owner] Paul Allen's yacht?

LAMARCUS ALDRIDGE: Yeah, a few years back he was getting it serviced in San Francisco. We got a chance to walk on it and see how he lives. It was amazing. It was like having a Ritz-Carlton or Trump on the water.

DP: What was the most impressive thing?

LA: I hope I don't get in trouble. The bottom floor had a lounge with the floor made of glass so you could see the water. If he's in the Caribbean, I'll bet he could see fish going by his feet.

DP:Sounds like a disco?

LA: It wasn't the '90s.

DP:What's different about Anthony Davis this season?

LA: I think USA Basketball changed his mind-set and made him feel more dominant. He kept that same mind-set going into the season. He has a coach [Monty Williams] who's always believed in him—as he tried to do with me when he was [an assistant] in Portland.

DP:Who's the one guy you want to beat?

LA: Maybe Dirk [Nowitzki], because he plays in my hometown [Dallas].

DP:Can you see yourself returning home to play for the Mavericks at one point?

LA: You did not just say that.


LA: Whoa, whoa, buddy. I'm in Portland.

DP:Did I just tamper?

LA: Yes, you did. [Laughs]

DP:It seems like you don't show a lot of emotion on the court.

LA: People on the court might think differently. I talk more on the court if they're talking trash to me.

DP:Who's talking trash?

LA: Nobody anymore.

DP:Who did?

LA: I don't remember.

DP:Give me one name.

LA: In my younger days, KG [Kevin Garnett].

DP:He does that to everybody.

LA: You find young guys who come into your arena feeling they're better than they are, and they talk trash. I talk trash back.

DP:How's [point guard] Damian Lillard doing?

LA: He's growing. It's tough when you can score as easily as he can. He's grown in that position of knowing when to take his shot.... [Since] you have the Splash Brothers [at Golden State], what do you think about Damian and Wes [Matthews] being the Rain Brothers?


LA: We live in Portland. It rains. Just think about it.

DP:How about the Rain Bros?

LA: That sounds more cool. I didn't think you'd be more cool than me. [Long pause.] Oh, like a rainbow.

DP:How about we put a z on the end. Rain Broz.

LA: Bring it back down a level.

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