The Ravens' OLB has reached double-digit sacks for the sixth time in his 12-year career. Good thing—if you've heard him try to carry a tune, you know his talents do not extend off the field.

DAN PATRICK: When's the last time you sang at the top of your lungs in your car?

TERRELL SUGGS: This morning.

DP:What song?

TS: "Clarity" [by Zedd]. I sing it with my kids on the way to school.

DP:Can you sing?

TS: Absolutely not.

DP:You have no musical talent?

TS: None whatsoever.

DP:Who has more rhythm, you or Joe Flacco?

TS: Do you even have to say it? Joe has no rhythm.

DP:How do you know where you can and can't hit someone these days?

TS: They give us a strike zone. But when we hit that strike zone, they still flag us.

DP:Do you ease up on quarterbacks?

TS: Absolutely not.

DP:You'd take a fine rather than change?

TS: I'm gonna play my game. Stuff happens so fast. You can't make a split decision. You have to get the guy down.

DP:What would you ask the commissioner to do to even the playing field?

TS: They're so ticky-tack concerning offense because they want to see touchdowns. That's what puts people in the stands. Touchdowns bring more sponsors. But they have to let us play defense.

DP:Are you excited to try to tackle Johnny Manziel?

TS: I just like tackling quarterbacks.

DP:Who is your favorite?

TS: I think you all know.

DP:Ben Roethlisberger.

TS: I haven't sacked him in two games.

DP:How tough is he to take down?

TS: He's probably the hardest quarterback in the NFL to sack because of his physical stature.

DP:Is he bigger than you?

TS: Yeah. I think he's about 6'6". I'm 6'4", 270.

DP:Do you talk at each other during games?

TS: One time in a game in Baltimore in 2010. He was able to throw the ball out-of-bounds. I was cursing at him, and he was cursing at me. It was all in good fun.

DP:Do you think J.J. Watt deserves to be MVP?

TS: If his team makes it to the playoffs. But you have to be on a winning team.

DP:Why do white defensive linemen always have a high motor?

TS:[Laughs.] A teammate said that a few years ago. [Current Browns LB] Paul Kruger was like, when a black guy is good, he's just a phenomenal athlete; when a white guy is good, he's got a high motor.

DP:Do you have a high motor?

TS: No, I'm just a phenomenal athlete.

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