SIX PHOTOSPHOTOGRAPHS BY SIMON BRUTY FOR SPORTS ILLUSTRATEDAll in a Day's Work To help stave off the tedium of training camp, the ever-sociable Manny Pacquiao takes his workouts to the streets—well, at least to the sidewalks, playgrounds and stadiums—of Los Angeles. A recent morning run produced a (toe-) touching moment of togetherness (2), while another session included a stairway to anywhere but heaven (4). For one trio of the fighter's fans, his accessibility produced a signature moment (6). Back in his private gym (7), though, Pacquiao is happy to train away from the glare. TEN PHOTOSPHOTOGRAPHS BY SIMON BRUTY FOR SPORTS ILLUSTRATEDThe King And His Court No one is more alone than a boxer stepping into a ring for a championship fight. And no one, it seems, is less alone than a boxer in training for that fight. Especially if that boxer is Pacquiao. The Filipino superstar's preparation for his showdown with Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been guided, supported and cheered on by a veritable army of loyal, longtime associates, from promoter Bob Arum and trainer Freddie Roach to the fighter's four-legged namesake, who makes sure Pacquiao doesn't dog it on his daily runs. Here are a just a few members of Team Pacquiao. 1 BUBOY FERNANDEZ ASSISTANT TRAINER 2 MARIE SPIVEY ROACH'S ASSISTANT 3 PACMAN COMPANION/RUNNING MATE 4 ROB PETERS HEAD OF SECURITY 5 NONOY CAMP CHEF 6 BOB ARUM PROMOTER 7 BOBBY PACQUIAO YOUNGER BROTHER 8 FRED STERNBURG PUBLICIST 9 FREDDIE ROACH TRAINER 10 MARVIN SOMODIO ROACH'S ASSISTANT TRAINER