The 15-time NBA All-Star took plenty of pounding during his career, but lately he has garnered attention for his physical comedy on the set of TNT's Inside the NBA.

DAN PATRICK: How did you fall last week on the set?

SHAQUILLE O'NEAL: Usually I turn to the left to beat Kenny [Smith] to the board. The other day I turned to the right, and my leg got caught up in some cords.

DP: When you toppled into the Christmas tree last year, was that on purpose?

SO: No, Kenny pushed me. Once you get that 350 going in one direction, it's hard to make it stop.

DP: Was there a time you didn't want to be seven feet tall?

SO: When I was younger I wanted to be like all my friends who were guards. That's why I was a pretty good ballhandler.

DP: When's the last time you shopped for clothes at a normal store?

SO: All the time. I'm a Walmart guy.

DP: Do they have big and tall—or gigantic and tall?

SO: They have big and tall underwear, tank tops, T-shirts.

DP: What would you do if you were not a basketball player?

SO: I'd be a cop.

DP: Would you have been an actor?

SO: I would have tried to become an actor.

DP: If they did a remake, what movie would you like to be in?

SO: The Hulk.

DP: I'm surprised they didn't reach out to you about that.

SO: I went to see Avengers, and I said, That's me, the Hulk. Tearing stuff up.

DP: Which player entertains you the most?

SO: Stephen Curry. He doesn't have the normal NBA body, but he's the best player in the league.

DP: He's a baby-faced killer.

SO: Yes, he does have a baby face, baby arms, baby shoulders. I'm like, How's this little kid demolishing people? He's a joy to watch.

DP: Any word on Blue Chips 2?

SO: No. But there is word on Kazaam 2. I told them to call my office, and I didn't give them the number.

DP: How many sons do you have?

SO: Three.

DP: Do they have game?

SO: Two do. One is a freshman starting on his high school team. He's way better than I was at 14.

DP: Who is their favorite player?

SO: When I asked them a couple of years ago, I expected [it to be] me, but they said LeBron James. At first I was hurt. But LeBron is a good guy to pattern your game after.

DP: In your other job—as a cop, in Doral, Fla.—do you pull people over?

SO: No, man, I'm a detective. I wear a suit and tie.

DP: Nobody knows it's you if you wear a suit and tie, right?

SO: You're right. They always say, "You look like...." I'm like, I hate Shaq—that dude didn't concentrate on his free throws.



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