PHOTOPHOTOGRAPH BY GREG NELSON FOR SPORTS ILLUSTRATEDPeer Pressure Hawks power forward Paul Millsap ventured way beyond the paint to stare down—and try to slow down—Cavaliers star LeBron James in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals. While Millsap's peek-a-Bron D paid off at times, James still torched the Hawks for 31 points in a 97--89 win that stole home court advantage for Cleveland, which jumped out to a 3--0 series lead. PHOTOPHOTOGRAPH BY JAMIE SQUIRE GETTY IMAGESGrid Pro Quo Drivers lined up for the start of the 99th Indy 500 on Sunday at Indianapolis Motor Speedway (page 21). Juan Pablo Montoya (number 2, fifth row), who began in 15th position, was rear-ended during the caution period after a first-lap crash. Dropping to 30th in the 33-car field, he rallied to win the Borg-Warner Trophy for the second time (inset). PHOTOINSET MICHAEL CONROY AP[See caption above] PHOTOPHOTOGRAPH BY AL TIELEMANS FOR SPORTS ILLUSTRATEDWest Side Story Sophomore attackman Connor Cannizzaro flung a headlong shot past Maryland goalie Kyle Bernlohr to put Denver up 4--1 in the NCAA final on Monday in Philadelphia. The Pioneers went on to win 10--5, becoming the first school from a state not on the Atlantic seaboard to take the title. Bill Tierney, who won six championships in 22 seasons as coach at Princeton, took over the Pioneers in 2010. Denver is one of only three Division I programs (with Marquette and Air Force) outside the Eastern time zone.