The 77-year-old Hall of Fame guard and two-time NBA Executive of the Year continues to apply his basketball expertise, now as a member of the executive board of the Western Conference finalist Warriors.

DAN PATRICK: It's pretty cool to be the NBA logo. That's one of the greatest nicknames of all time.

JERRY WEST: It's flattering, but honestly, I don't think like that. I'm so happy I was able to live my dreams and be able to do something I absolutely loved. Most people don't get that opportunity.

DP: [How much] do you love the sport?

JW: I loved it. I loved the competition.... When I went to a game, I never even noticed there was anybody in the building. My concentration was ridiculous. All I cared about was winning.

DP: Did you ever play basketball after you retired?

JW: When I stopped playing, I didn't want to touch a basketball. I knew my time was up. I knew I had given everything that I had. I wanted to concentrate on having a more normal life. I kind of got addicted to golf.

DP: When you were GM of the Lakers, could you watch the game?

JW: I spent a lot of nights in the parking lot at the Forum.

DP: Did you feel guilty that you brought only one title to L.A. as a player?

JW: Absolutely.

DP: Is that part of why you wanted to win so badly as a GM?

JW: No question.

DP: Do you get a ring if the Warriors win the title?

JW: Yes. I'd love to get another ring.

DP: How many do you have?

JW: I don't know, I've got a couple.

DP: If you don't know how many, then that's a lot.

JW: I think seven. I don't wear them. They're getting bigger. They're so ugly now.

DP: Finish this sentence: If Shaq and Kobe had stayed together ...

JW: I don't think there's any question they'd have won more championships.

DP: It seems that they'll be remembered as much for what they weren't able to accomplish.

JW: You had two completely different personalities. Kobe was a basketball junkie. A perfectionist. Shaquille O'Neal was a big, playful guy. Still, he would just ruin basketball games. If I were a center, I would not have wanted to play against him.

DP: Is Steph Curry the best shooter you've ever seen?

JW: He's an incredible shooter. But he's not only a shooter, he's also a shotmaker. He makes shots other people can't make.

DP: Game on the line, any player in history to shoot a three, who would you choose?

JW: I can't answer that.

DP: Sure you can.

JW: I hate to be braggadocious, but I would love to shoot that.



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