The Heisman hopeful and senior at No. 2 Michigan State won't say who the best quarterback is in the Big Ten, but he has lofty goals for the season. Any doubt, just check his fridge.

DAN PATRICK: Would you have gone pro if Michigan State had won the national title last season?

CONNOR COOK: That's a good question. I really don't know the answer to that. There would have been some thought going into it. But who knows? I'm still here living the dream.

DP: Last time a coach yelled at you?

CC: I get yelled at every once in a while. After the Rose Bowl in 2014 we were doing winter conditioning. We're doing wall runs, and coach [Mark] Dantonio was on his phone and wasn't really watching. But [strength-and-conditioning] coach [Ken] Mannie was yelling at me because I wasn't getting my knees up high enough. And then Coach D heard Coach Mannie yell at me and felt the need to yell at me without knowing what was going on. All I heard was Coach D ripping me a new one. I guess he thought the Rose Bowl [a 24--20 win over Stanford] made me think that I didn't have to work hard enough.

DP: Have you ever yelled at Coach Dantonio?

CC: Heck, no. Are you kidding me? Everyone on this football team knows not to do that.

DP: Does Dantonio ever smile?

CC: All the time. You've never seen him smile?

DP: Not that I remember.

CC: He's smiled plenty of times. Back when he first got here [in 2007], he never smiled. But then he started to win, and he's smiled more and more.

DP: Did he charm you when he recruited you?

CC: Yeah. Coach D is a great guy. The only time people see him is on game day. That's his game face. When he's not on the field, Coach D is a great family man, super kind, always thinking of others. No one knows that because they only see him on game day.

DP: Who is the best quarterback in the Big Ten?

CC: I'm not gonna say that, but I know the answer.

DP: I want you to be confident.

CC: I am confident. I just don't feel the need to say something like that. I'll keep it to myself.

DP: What's in your refrigerator right now?

CC: We've got a chicken breast in here and some salsa. Green Mountain Gringo, it's called. We've got some lettuce, carrots and cucumbers because I like to make salads every night. A lot of sauces.

DP: No beer, right?

CC: No beer.

DP: That's pretty respectable.

CC: What did you expect, all beer?

DP: Yeah.

CC: Just because we're college kids? C'mon.

DP: All I had was beer in my fridge in college.

CC: We have some goals to accomplish this year. We can't do that by drinking beer.



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